Press Release | 11 November 2013 13:50 CET

Brymo Calls Choc City's Bluff; Says, 'Let's Meet In Court'

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Estranged Choc City artiste, Brymo may have called the label's bluff and now ready to bear whatever consequences his action may result into. In a statement released by the singer's management, Brymo disclosed that Choc City has not been straight forward with the messy issue.

The statement claimed that rather than fulfil its parts, Choc City has been unfaithful about doing what it promised.

The statement reads;

"On the 30th of October 2013, a meeting was held between Brymo, his Management and representatives of Chocolate City at the Chocolate City office. This was one of many prior attempts at reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of the conflict between the Artiste and the Record Label.

"After deliberations at the meeting, certain terms were agreed between the parties and Chocolate City promised to capture the terms in an agreement to be signed by both parties.

"A few days later, Chocolate City sent in a plan with terms which were not reflective of the deliberations and agreements at the said meeting.

"A similar occurrence had taken place in June when lawyers representing Chocolate City promised to hand Brymo a Statement of Release from the label on the condition that he would give up his (#SonOfaKapenta) album to the label.

"The artiste had insisted that Chocolate City has no right to the work as he still possessed the rights to the work and the lawyers had failed to provide the release even after Brymo agreed to give up the said album. Please note that the artiste's initial decision to release his work/ earnings was done in good faith and with a desire to reach an amicable settlement.

"It is becoming apparent that Chocolate City is not acting in the same spirit of good faith. The artiste elected to sever relationships with Chocolate City in May 2013 when Chocolate City consistently failed to fulfill its obligations under the contract. And rather than resolve amicably, the label is devising strategies to ensure that the Artiste remains unproductive.

"Brymo asserts that under the circumstances of the creation, nature, execution and implementation of his contract with Chocolate City, he is well within his rights as an Artiste and if no amicable resolution is reached, will be willing to defend same under the provision of the Law."

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