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Why Celebritie​s Go Into Other Businesses

Source: Joy Akosa/Nollywoodgists.com

It is a common thing in Nigeria to see civil servants, who under the law, shouldn't engage in other businesses, have other things they do to earn extra money for themselves. Many celebrities in Nigeria are also not left out in this.

Of course, civil servants do other side-jobs due to poor pay, but why celebs go into other businesses still remains a mystery to many people.

Some critics believe that celebs do other businesses because they live beyond their income, and in other to live up to expectations, they get involved in extra activities to earn more money for themselves.

Speaking on a popular breakfast show on TVC, 'Your View', Omawumi explained that due to the life span attached to what celebs do, they have to go into other ventures to serve as palliatives to them when they are no more active.

Omawumi also stated that celebrities are seen as demi-gods, which explains why some of them live flamboyant lifestyles. Though the singer claimed she doesn't live such lifestyle.

Joy Akosa/Nollywoodgists.com


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