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I Found Joy In An Older Woman----Tayo Babatunde Bernard aka Baba Tee

By Yetunde Oduwole
Baba Tee with wife, Yetunde Oduwole

Baba Tee with wife, Yetunde Oduwole

Tayo Babatunde Bernard, better known as Baba Tee, is a fast-rising actor/comedian. In this interview with FUNSHO AROGUNDADE, the 32-year old actor spoke about his marriage to top celebrity journalist, Yetunde Oduwole

Have you produced any movie of your own?

I have one already, Ijewuru, which was all about an eating competition and really I thank God for its acceptance.

How are you coping as a married man?

I don't talk about my love life.


I just don't know how to talk about it. Please, I wouldn't want to talk about my marriage.

But you married a woman who has been saying a lot of nice things about you?

It doesn't matter. I just don't feel it is necessary to talk about that part of my private life.

Given that you married an older woman, what is your perspective about age in marriage?

From my little experience, there are what we called culture and norms. The Yoruba culture is very rich and the traditions place much emphasis on seniority. God had created Adam before Eve and that means the male is the superior and it has remained that way.

But if God had created Eve before Adam, maybe we would have been having older women marrying younger men. But because of culture which lay emphasis on the role of men as the head and he must be older, we can't fault that. It is a cultural thing in this part of the world but not everywhere.

But even at that, I still feel there is nothing special about age. After all, Prophet Mohammed (SAW)'s wife was older than him and he still remains one prophet we make reference to and revere. So, there is only one thing I believe in life which is joy. Basically, I think wherever and whoever will give you joy should be the most important. To me, age is never a barrier.

A lot of parents have driven their children to untimely deaths by making them go against their hearts' desires . Your partner will be with you for more than 50 or 60 years but your parents won't, so, irrespective of age, people should go for whoever they find love with. To me, I'll go for what will give me joy and have no regrets. Age is nothing to me in a relationship, it is where I will derive joy from that I will be.

How are you handling your female admirers?

It is normal for ladies to come around but it doesn't go beyond that. I appreciate beauties but I draw the line between everything that I do and don't allow myself get caught in any unwholesome act. I also try to remind myself of how I started. I go back to those places that remind me of my background and that helps me to stay disciplined.


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