Nollywood Media | 3 July 2013 19:41 CET

It's A Lie, Bleaching Cream Didn't Burn My Face--Steph Nora Okere Cries Out

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

There have reports lately suggesting that popular Nollywood actress, Steph Nora Okere has been away from the public glare because she suffered a burnt face due to an alleged excessive use of bleaching cream.

The light-skinned screen queen has now cried out on the issue and has debunked it.

She wrote on Facebook, "Please folks, kindly tell me what part of my face is burnt so I can see, I really get tired of people cooking up stuff just to create news and sell their papers."

Steph Nora used to be one of the faces that regularly graced the silver screens but lately, she has been missing in action.

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