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I Can’t Expose My Selling Point For Any Reason –Nollywood Actress, Mimi Orjiekwe

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<b>Meaning you would someday get back to the modeling industry?</b>

Of course yes! Modeling I will say it’s part of entertainment. 

<b>What can you do on set of a movie?</b>

You have to be specific; like I said I can do so many things. Paramount

Meaning you would someday get back to the modeling industry?

Of course yes! Modeling I will say it's part of entertainment.

What can you do on set of a movie?

You have to be specific; like I said I can do so many things. Paramount

In case you didn't know, Miriam was the place the Mimi that complemented the Orjiekwe emerged. Today, the name has grown in leaps and bounds, even as the face has constantly continued to remain famous and known.

The fact that this sexy, light-skinned and sparkling actress is taking the center-stage of the Nollywood industry, does not in any way reckon around lip-servicing, as her uncanny and professional way of interpreting roles on screen cannot be over-emphasized. In this enthralling but sensational interview with Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor, Mimi Orjiekwe bares her mind on the over-zealousness of the everyday rising industry-Nollywood, and her childhood experience.

What's your childhood story like?

I don't have a different story, because I grew up like every other girl; it wasn't bad. Things were good though I didn't have everything I wanted but it was good. Being the only daughter, I always got attention from my parents and they pampered me a lot too. No matter I'm the third child and the only daughter of my parents, with three brothers.

So, you know what it is being the only daughter? I got it all that I couldn't have asked for a better family. Being the only daughter doesn't mean I'm a spoilt child. My parents monitored me, and they are still monitoring me to make sure I get the best in life.

How about your memorable moment while growing up?

What I can vividly recall was my time at the boarding house. Yes, I had my secondary education at Holy Rosary College. I used to get loads of provisions in school way back then. I was in my teens way back then and that's a time in my life I memorably recall.

And it does not really mean that I didn't cope, because I had to go through a process as boarder and when it was time for holidays I always relish the opportunity to be at home. Even when I was in the university, I lived in the campus. I have been living with my mum ever since I graduated from school and I am mostly in Lagos or in the East when I am needed on set.

How about your interest for modeling and what really motivated you for the beauty contests you've been part of in the past?

First, I would trace it to my days in the university, I schooled at Caritas University. While I was in school I was always conscious of myself and I emerged the winner of the Miss Business Administration beauty contest back in the university. Already I had the hunch that I would end up being part of one beauty contest or the other while growing up as a young girl.

I also have the height for such contests and that factor is very important when it comes to beauty contests. My passion was further fueled when I was discovered by a certain agent who works for a modeling agency and I took part in the Miss Anambra beauty contest and I emerged the 3rd runner up. At the same time, my venture into beauty contests also opened doors on the movie scene as I got my first movie role after I was discovered at a beauty contest.

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