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Daniel Ademinokan's Estranged Wife Speaks

By Dimokokorkusstella

Here is what Stella wrote on her blog after speaking with Doris Simeon

Beautiful Actress Doris Simeon is currently the centre of attention as her Ex hubby Daniel Ademinokan has supposedly Married another controversial Actress Stella Damasus.

The news went viral went it came out and though I am still doing some fact finding,I decided to call Doris today to hear what she can tell me as regards everything that has happened. Click to continue reading.

I wanted to know if she and Stella were friends at all
I wanted to know when exactly the 'snatching' started.
I wanted to know how she felt/feels
I wanted to know why she didn't do anything to stop what had happened when it was happening.

I asked so many questions but Doris told me in a voice which sounded full of pain that at this time she just wants to concentrate on her work and forget about what has happened because ''It has already happened.......''

She kept saying ''No comment''......The fifth..

Doris stood her ground on not wanting to talk or exchange words with anyone and I respect her stand.

I told her ''Doris,you have a lot of support right now,why don't you talk,your fans want to know so much....''

Doris begged for privacy at this time and I understood and let her be.

Doris Simeon has a son with ex hubby Daniel and i guess she is trying to keep it clean for her son's sake.

When Doris and Daniel were Married I used to tell Daniel they were the best couple in town,their love was so plain to see.I don't know what went wrong.I don't know how or when Stella Damasus came into the picture and I am yet to confirm that they have indeed Married.

I don't know how or when Stella and Daniel met and started dating but I still think Doris needs to paint the real picture of what happened to help others going through similar situation and too embarrassed to talk out......those too ashamed to let anyone know.

I am not under any pressure to do a follow up on this story and I will only do so when I can speak directly with Stella or Daniel to confirm from them if they are indeed married,until then I will not report on hear says or let the silly comments dropped here by anonymous people push me into cooking up anything.

I have not been able to confirm that there was a February wedding.

However I do know from fact findings that Stella and Daniel are a pair and they have several investments together which suggests they plan/want to stay together.

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