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Exclusive! Actress Monalisa Chinda And Lanre Nzeribe Dare All: Step Out Hand In Hand At Uche Jumbo's Movie Premiere [A MUST READ]

By Mojisola Delano

For some time now, there have being speculation that pretty actress Monalisa Chinda and business man Lanre Nzeribe are an item, and the picture (left) above showing the two cuddled together further fuelled the rumours, leaving many questions unanswered on their suspected romance.

Last week however, Lanre and Monalisa damned all consequences and decided to make their romance public, as they attended Uche Jumbo's movie premiere together. Yeah, two people, male and female can attend social functions together on platonic basis, but I can confirm to you that these two love birds attended the premiere as couple not afraid to flaunt their love in the faces of onlookers. Let me break it down.

Monalisa and Lanre arrived the premiere late deliberately and tried as much as possible to avoid taking pictures together, entering the movie hall almost immediately they arrived. They took their seats side by side in the hall, (right behind me) and from their gestures, the chemistry between the two could not be mistaken. After the movie, they hurriedly left the hall but once outside, elected not to walk together. While Monalisa was talking with a friend, I walked up to her and politely asked for a picture since she did not appear on the red carpet. She was still contemplating, when her friend rudely told me: 'No, she's not taking pictures.' As I recovered from her mouthpiece's friend's unwarranted boorish response, I realized her lover Lanre was standing less than 20meters away and could somehow be caught on camera with her, explaining her friend's answer.

Few minutes later, the two were seen chatting and laughing heartily away from the press area. I was walking by with a friend who decided to stop to say hi. As Monalisa exchanged pleasantries, she watched me with suspicion and scrutiny trying to make sure I didn't get a picture of them together. I found that very funny and ironic, considering that she was daring enough to step out with Lanre Nzeribe, a renown serial philanderer, in the first place.

When I was first alerted about Lanre and Monalisa together at the event, I wondered what the big deal was, considering that Monalisa is a single woman, getting her life back on track after a failed, abusive marriage. But after asking questions, sources in the know reveal that Lanre Nzeribe is a married man with children who allegedly takes pleasure in serial philandering. You see, Lanre seems to have a thing for actresses and has in the past been linked to Liz Benson (before she married her bishop husband) and few other female thespians.

He is also reported to have dated Grace Egbagbe - former director of sales and marketing at NTA-, and Folake Odutola, owner of now defunct Saga8 club in VI. His relationship with Folake reportedly ended on a bitter note with the latter locking him up after a messy fight. Credible sources reveal however that rumours about marrying Stella Damasus are untrue, and the stories only emerged after Stella got involved with one Emeka Nzeribe. All these I assure you, are just some of Lanre's many alleged philandering exploits in the past brought to my knowledge.

Tracing Lanre and Monalisa's relationship, unconfirmed reports have it that the two became friends while Monalisa was still married to alleged ex woman-batterer husband Segun Dejo Richards, an alleged philanderer as well. The reports have it that this amongst other reasons, was why Dejo allegedly resorted to battering Monalisa and made her life a living hell. Though this report remains unconfirmed, today, Lanre and Monalisa are definitely more than just platonic friends.

Even though the two have refused to confirm their public-secret relationship, sources close to the situation indicate that Lanre and Monalisa are very serious and are even considering tying the knot. How this will play out remains a mystery, because Lanre Nzeribe as at press time remains married, albeit, very view people know his wife.

Back to the present; the two left the venue of the premiere together in his Mercedes Benz E-Class with another couple-unidentified, perhaps on a double date, to an unknown location.

One would have expected that Monalisa after her reported experience with her ex husband would opt for a drama free relationship, but instead chose a man renown for his alleged adulterous ways, Lanre Nzeribe.

In the end, its her life, and her decision to make. On my part, I have brought you the scoop.

All the best to the 'couple'.

Btw, see the pic of them I managed to take before she noticed my camera below:

Btw, see the pic of them I managed to take before she noticed my camera below:

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