Behind the scene | 14 May 2007 14:51 CET


One of the toughest questions John Njamah has probably been asked is to look into Nollywood, look at all the pretty actresses, and pick which actress, or actresses has his kind of eyes, lips, nose, and ear.

That isn't tough for a talented actor and director like John Njamah, is it?
His answer was swift. It was as though he had rehearsed it. Beginning with the ears he said----And he continues…

…My sister, Empress Njamah carries her nose very well, too.
I like Omotola's eyes I like Stella Damasus eyes. I like Genevive's eyes, I Like Ini Edo's eyes, I like my sister's eyes, and Kate Henshaws eyes. I can't find words for the lips.

Does that mean no celebrity has your kind of lips?
No, their names are not just coming.

The ears
I don't look that deep!

What qualities must your ideal woman possess?
She must be good looking. She must have a good sense of humour. She must be witty. She must understand. She must have respect for me, and she must have respect for what I do, and she must learn to cut down your excess.
She shouldn't be too loud and at the same time she shouldn't be too quiet. She must strike a balance between work and play.
Physically she has to be good looking – proportionate, the curves, good eyes, all that. I don't want to say I like them voluptuous before you write 'John Njamah loves them voluptuous.' Then, I hate pretence in a woman. It takes me off. A woman has to be real.

What strikes you about a woman?
Sometimes it's the face, the look, sometimes it's the carriage – from all point of view. Sometimes it's just the smile. And sometimes it's just the disposition.

I like Amaka Igwe's drive
I can't particularly point out who my favouirte Nigerian woman is but as it affects my profession, I like the strength and drive of Mrs. Amaka Igwe. She has a good heart, she is highly spirited, she looks after the next person, she wants something that will work for her and work for the next person. And she likes to carry people along.

Would you have married her?
Sorry no. That is a big no.

When was the first time you told a woman 'I love you?'
Of course, it's been long. I can't remember the year. I think it's way back in the early 90's. It took a long time before I dropped it.

And you meant it?
Yeah, because I actually didn't know when it came out from my mouth – It just came out naturally.

How do you see the Nigerian woman?
They are hard working. They are very emotional I must say. Recently, they are trying to rub shoulders with the men; they are trying to have a place in the society. Which I… I appreciate it but then they should understand that it is a man's world, whether they like it or not.
But then the Nigerian woman has drive. The Nigerian woman is homely. The Nigerian woman is beautiful, I must say; and yeah, especially of recent, highly fashionable.

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