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Toyin Aimakhu, Regina Chukwu In Alleged Stolen Money Mess With Spiritualist's Son **It's False, We Were Never Arrested--Toyin, Regina Cry Out

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Yesterday, November 15, 2012, there was a report about two top Yoruba actresses, Toyin Aimakhu and Regina Chukwu being involved in an alleged stolen money mess with the son of a spiritualist based around Isheri/Igando area of Lagos State named Ibrahim Arikoserere. It was reported that the two popular Yoruba actresses were arrested by some military men and were made to refund some money collected from Ibrahim worth over N3million.

Ibrahim allegedly stole some money, which were paid by his dad's clients, from his dad's bank account and gave to Toyin and Regina. So, when the Islamic spiritualist noticed some anomalies in his bank account, he investigated and found out that his son has been withdrawing money without his knowledge.

This prompted his inquiry into the matter until he found out that his son, Ibrahim, has been giving the money to Toyin and Regina. Getting to know about this, the Islamic spiritualist invited men of the force to help retrieve his money from the actresses.

Toyin and Regina were then separately invited to his office located on Isheri/Igando axis. As it was reported, Toyin Aimakhu, who got about N800,000, refunded N500,000 while Regina, who got about N2.3milliom, returned N1million.

Toyin Aimakhu contacted Toyin Aimakhu and Regina Chukwu on phone to get their sides of the story. Toyin told, "I have been on [movie] set for two days, nobody arrested me. Arrest me for what? I was never arrested and would never be arrested.

"I never knew he (Ibrahim) stole money. He dashed (game me as a gift) [the] money. Infact, the money he gave me isn't enough to shoot a movie because he (Ibrahim) said he was supporting me with the money for a movie only for me to be called. I was even the one that got him arrested for assault.

"Trust me, it's no big deal because everything is being settled. I can't explain this to everybody but only to reliable people like you."

Also speaking to, Regina said, "Nobody arrested me at any point in time. I was invited, nobody took me without my consent. I didn't swindle anybody, it has never happened in the history of Regina Chukwu in Nollywood."

Regina Chukwu

Also speaking to, Regina said, "Nobody arrested me at any point in time. I was invited, nobody took me without my consent. I didn't swindle anybody, it has never happened in the history of Regina Chukwu in Nollywood."

Narrating to how she got herself involved in the mess, Regina said that the boy, Ibrahim, approached her and asked how much it would cost him to produce a movie as a producer. She then told him that the industry doesn't work like that for a newcomer to barge into but he could first start off as an Executive Producer (EP).

"He then asked me how much it would cost him to produce a movie. I told him that he can't just say this is the amount you want to use to shoot a movie. First of all, you have to get your script which will determine the amount of money the movie will cost," Regina disclosed to

Narrating further, Regina said Ibrahim then told her that he has N1million to give her to do a movie since she knows the industry well, which she collected but later found out she wasn't the only one approached for the same purpose.

"I got a call from Ibrahim that I should come to his place. While we were driving, he told me he would want me to see his dad in his office, who I had longed to see. So, when I got in and greeted him and played about what he brought for me from Mecca, the general mood on everyone's faces inside got me suspicious of something. I was then asked how much Ibrahim gave me, which I told them.

"They then told me that I needed to refund the money. I then asked what exactly was the problem. It was then a man, who is probably Ibrahim's father's lawyer, told me that the money Ibrahim gave me was stolen from his dad.

"At this point, I was shocked and then called my mum. I took them to my house which is like five minutes to the office and went back to the office with my mum. She was aware of the whole Ibrahim issue from the beginning.

"I made sure I signed an undertaking that I refunded the amount of money I collected from Ibrahim. I saw some people there, I don't want to mention names," the top Yoruba actress told

When asked to clarify the anomaly in the amount being speculated to have been received by her (N2.3million) as against N1million she claimed to have collected from Ibrahim, Regina said that she returned all the money she collected from Ibrahim and never collected N2.3million.

Efforts to contact Ibrahim to get his side of the story proved abortive as at press time because his representatives didn't want the press to escalate the issue any further.

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