Opinion/Feature | 1 November 2012 02:51 CET

Featuring Akon and Kanye West Will Not Help Mediocre Hip Hop Artistes in Nigeria

Source: Orikinla Osinachi/Nollywoodgists.com
There is always a lot of noise on radio, TV and social media whenever any of the local Nigerian hip hop artistes receive the attention of top American hip hop artistes Akon and Kanye West, the most peddled in Nigeria. And millions of hip hop fans in Nigeria go gaga over any of their idols featuring Akon and Kanye West in their songs and music videos thinking that will simply catapult them into the American music charts. But none has been able to do so and when 2face Idibia won the Best African Act 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards and Best International Act: Africa BET Awards of 2011, he did not feature any Akon or Kanye West to accomplish these feats. And D'Banj has already been an international success before he featured the popular American hip hop rapper Snoop Dogg in his Mr. Endowed (Remix)and before Kanye West suddenly appeared like a black rabbit out of the hat of a magician.
Featuring Akon or Kanye West will never help all these our local hip hop acts to break into America, because Americans are too knowledgeable to know what is good music from the noise being played by majority of Nigerian hip hop artistes I see as good clowns of hip hop and can be entertaining to millions of Nigerians who don't really know good music and choreography.

These Nigerian clowns of hip hop cannot rap and cannot sing without lip synching and they are not even articulate!

They can't speak, because they have no training in the basic rudiments of music, without speech or voice training.

Their live shows expose their mediocrity.

Yes they can make millions of naira which scam artists are also making in Nigeria by swindling millions of ignorant Nigerians just like our corrupt politicians have also been doing in all the rackets messing up Nigeria where corruption, ignorance and mediocrity have left the nation in rot.

Nneka and Aṣa have been able to break into America and Europe without featuring any Akon or Kanye West.
Check out Nneka and Aṣa and see the difference between a true artist and a hip hop racket. Video below



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