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Yvonne Nelson Appear On MSN African

Source: Alonge Michael/

She is going to be the first-ever Ghana actress to appear on the Celebrities and Charities Column of the MSN African.

The report on her states, "these days, it is common to see celebrities take to one form of charity or the other while maintaining an active career. In recent times, setting up a charity or a not-for-profit organization to cater for the need of a particular sector of society that is falling short of support has become almost like an in-thing, if not mandatory.

Now, the rules of living a buoyant celebrity life is such that a part of what you earn should at least find its way into the hands and mouths of some other people you may not even know but then society demands that you do that.

For those who refuse to be browbeaten into accepting that they must at all cost fend for someone else's livelihood at one point or the other in their career, are almost viewed with some understandable level of disdain by a larger section, and in most instances declared “celebrity non-grata”.

This is all the more reason why the likes of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will continue to earn the respect of that larger section of society – because they play by their society's rules and respect the rule that says, “Live and let live”.

With this feat recorded by the leggy queen of Ghollywood, Yvonne Nelson, no doubt, she has stepped up her game fully.

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