Celebrity | 1 October 2007 17:11 CET

I Have Only Been In Two Marriages....shan George

Nollywood star, Shan George, has set the record straight by saying that even though she is single again, she is definitely not searching for a man. The star, who has gone from being an actress to a scriptwriter and now a producer, said this to Klieglights.

The Abi Local Government Area, Cross River State indigene was recently in the news after her latest marriage hit the rocks. But not one to cry over spilt milk, she has gone on with her life and career; against insinuations that she has been put to the background by new acts with fresh talent and prettier faces to flaunt before the camera.

Shan debunked the claim when she played host to Klieglights. "It's not a case of taking the backstage; I left Nigeria for a period of three years, which was between 2003 and 2006. And since I came back I've produced a couple of movies. As we speak one is in the market titled Trinity. Grandmother and Tribulations are on the way.

"I believe it's a sign of growth. I believe that whoever is not capable of growth is only making movement and not growth. I came into the industry as an actress, then I started writing scripts and after sometime I decided to start producing the movies that I write, which I believe is a natural progression. It is like being upwardly mobile; like being a reporter today then an editor and much later you decide to start your own magazine. And my new project, T36 reality show, is yet another aspect of growth that we are talking about," said Shan whose love for dancing has been widely reported.

Talking about the new project she is working on alongside other industry professionals, Shan admitted that she has the consent of the Ministry of Information and Communication and "this is not because the Minister (John Odeh) and I are from the same state," she said. She argued that her proposal for the endorsement has been with the Ministry before the incumbent Minister assumed office, adding: "To the glory of God, I have a face that can sell ideas and concepts."

Besides her numerous appearances in movies, Shan is also known to have made headlines with her romance with the opposite sex. That started with her widely celebrated romance with actor and comedian, Okey Bakassi and her last marriage. Shan, who said she has only been in two marriages – her first from which she had two kids and which she proclaimed she was forced into as a teenager and the last, which she was reported to have said hit the rocks because she could not stand the cold in Europe where the man was staying.

"I have only been in two marriages," she declared.. "My first, which I am sure you know about and the second one. As I we talk, I am not in any marriage; I am single again, but not searching!" She said.

Even though she has a couple of movies to her credit as a producer, the mother of two confessed to Klieglights that the one dearest to her heart is Made in Heaven. The movie she added, is about her life right from when she was young through her marriages and relationships up until when she wrote the script.

"For obvious reasons, the movie that is closest to my heart of all the ones that I have produced is Made in Heaven, because it is a story about my life, from when I was young, my marriages and experiences. It is a movie I'm very fond of and I am happy it was well accepted," she said.

T36, she revealed, is a tourism based reality show, which is expected to draw participants from all over the country, adding that the initial 36 participants would later be pruned down to 12 that will go into the competition proper.

According to her, the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has agreed to partner Shandel Productions, which she runs. Though she declined to be specific on the prizes that await the eventual winner, she however hinted that the winner would become a millionaire.

She concluded that "the programme is not about us, it is to rekindle national consciousness and stir a whole new band of patriots to the Nigerian dream. The show will showcase Nigeria's varied cultures and show how even in that diversity the oneness in us all. Through it we will also explore and celebrate our known exotic tourism locations and expose the hitherto unknown ones," she concluded.

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