Art & Culture | 8 August 2012 08:57 CET

Drummergirl Ara's Mum Tells Us Shocking Things About Her Famous Daughter...

By Dimokokorkusstella

'I Used To Hide Ara From Visitors Because She Looked Like A Bush baby''!

The Supermom Season3...the celebrity edition aired recently and Alhaja Nusirat Olamuyiwa the mum of drummergirl ara told her interviewer shocking things about her now famous daughter.

Excerpts below:

"I narrowly escaped human eater Clifford Orji because I was searching for ara ...
At 7months old she had very bushy hair and no single teeth,but she was already running round all over the house.

Ara didn't have her first tooth untill she was about 2yrs old and I knew she would be famous because of the mysterious things that happened when I was still pregnant with her and the dreams I had.

Ara was the prophetess of the house,she dreamt and saw things before they happened.
I had to hide her each time a visitor came calling because she looked like a bush baby and I didn't want anyone asking me if ara was a bushbaby...."

This is so funny bceause I have seen pictures of what a bush baby looks like and it is not a funny picture to behold. Ara the once bush baby look alike has metamorphosed into a lovely lady who knows how to beat her drum into peoples heart!.

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