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EXCLUSIVE: Shan George In Trouble Over Outburst On Colleagues**Actresses Plot Against Her?

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

Some weeks ago, published a story about Nollywood actress, Shan George was quoted to have accused some of her married colleagues in the industry of sleeping around with men like dogs.

In the said story, Shan was quoted to have said, “Most married actresses in the industry sleep around like dogs and nobody is talking about it. These are people who have been lured to bed with whiff of money by top politicians and businessmen. These same people will be claiming to be happily married [and] feign love to their husbands.”

She was quoted further to have absolved herself from what she alleged her colleagues of while she was married. According to what was reported, Shan said, “I have never been caught by any of my ex-husbands sleeping around. In fact, I am a one-man, one-woman person.”

These statements alleged to have come from Shan George by the publication have hit hard on some of her colleagues in the wrong place. The Nigerian movie industry is seen by some people as a scandal filled industry.

According to some of her colleagues who spoke to under the condition of anonymity, Shan was faulted for saying such things about her colleagues in the same profession. Reason for this, as an actress told us, is that Shan cannot claim innocence of what she alleged others of.

Another Nollywood actress said that Shan would put herself into a big trouble with those statements. The actress said she would still not want to believe that Shan George said such things about other actresses in the industry especially the married ones she pointed accusing fingers to.

What some of them are angry about is the fact that Shan allegedly claimed being free of sleeping around with other men while she was married. To them, this may not have been true of her.

What found out from some of the actresses talked to is that they are not happy with Shan over her comments. Some sources reveal that the press would be marveled at the revelations that would follow her outburst on her colleagues.

This brings to the question, are these actresses plotting to unravel what Nigerians don't know about Shan George? Our fingers are crossed.

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