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Fast-rising actress Uche Ogbodo is one character you can't ignore in Nollywood.

The fair skinned role interpreter,who has featured in more than 20 movies, is the toast of producers in the industry.

In a recent interview, the talented thespian talks about her provocative dressing and other issues.

I wear anything that makes me comfortable, I don't care if it is a pant…you see the way I am dressed now…I don't care what anybody is saying, it is my body. Talk is cheap …many people are just jealous of me; some still love me the way I am. Some people just run their mouths with cheap talks…I don't care. I am not bad because I wear certain clothes. They are just clothes.

There are many other girls that pretend by covering everywhere, but they are so rotten inside. Clothes do not determine who you are. I don't care what people who do not like me say because of my clothes. I bought them with my money. I don't care and I don't think I will ever care. I can wear any kind of clothe once I like it, no matter how short, brief or open. I wear what I want to wear.

Don't judge me. It is me and what I want to do. You go do what you want to do and don't look at me. I'm not dressing for anybody's attention. I don't even have time for that. If I have a beautiful body, why won't I flaunt it? If you want to judge me with what I wear, go ahead. It is your business, not mine. Even if I decide to go nude its nobody's business.

When asked; how do you feel whenever scandals trail you;she said Some people just want to weigh me down and when they are not succeeding they will blow me up in the media. If I don't do anything wrong and somebody somewhere is castigating me my God would defend me and turn the table on the person. I no de shake me! Because I know who I am, and I also know the kind of people that I meet in my day to day activities. I know the people who are closer to me very well, and they know me too.

On my recent court case with Amaco Limited, His association somehow intervened and appealed to me to put it on hold for some time. I have a lot of respect for their judgment, and the manner in which they handled the matter so far. I was right and I don't think anybody should just take another for granted. It ended with a plea from his side.

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