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Anna Banner Defends Flavour After Being Called ‘Tout’

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The news of a former beauty queen, Anna Banner Ebiere carrying the unborn baby of music star, Flavour is already stale. Not too long ago, it was reported that the beautiful lady was sent packing from her school in Dubai because of her pregnancy.

A while ago, a worried fan of Anna requested to know from the former beauty queen if she had already been delivered of her baby. This was asked because she posted a picture of herself with a friend on the internet and her stomach was flat.Click:I didn't mean to kill my childhood friend, 17-year-old girl laments

But rather than providing an answer to the question, Anna simply told the fan to mind her business, which the fan was not happy with.

The fan went as far as calling Flavour a tout, which hit the lover girl in the wrong place and forced a response from her.

Anna said the fan has no right to call her boyfriend, Flavour, a tout because she (Anna) does not go round calling other peoples' boyfriends touts.

Recall that another ex-beauty Queen, Sandra Okagbue already has a child for Flavour.

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