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As nollywood continues to undergo revolution, a lot has become at stake and the stars are very much ready to up their game. The days are also fast approaching when actors and actresses who cannot deliver would be relegated to the backyard and pay dearly for it.

2012 therefore promises to be an exceptional year in nollywood for a lot of reasons. First, there are a lot of upcoming actresses and actors who desire to permanently stamp their place in nollywood. Secondly, those who have been in the industry for a long period of time wants to proof some critics wrong and show that the deserve all the applause and praise they are receiving from fans all over the globe.

Whatever the situation maybe, nollywood is not going to remain the same and we are surely going to witness a better, bigger, entertaining and an improved nollywood come next year. These are the list of actresses that would rule and dominate the headlines in nollywood by 2012. They would stir up fire in nollywood like never before.

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1.Nse Ikpe Etim

You can simply say ''Amazing Nse'' the beautiful actress would certainly headline the game in nollywood by 2012. She just won the best actress in the English category at the just concluded BON awards. An online website once described her as the ''Silent Tsunami'' and ''The Next Big Thing'' in nollywood.

Nse ikpe etim may not be far from this description as she has proven times without number that she can stand the heat and deliver in difficult movie roles.

Called by the name ''Omoze'' in the movie reloaded, the actress has continued to rise and there seems to be no limits. Nse was discovered few years ago by nollywood veteran emen isong and she has since remained part of the royal arts academy family. She has got everything by her side to be the best of the best, the talent, the right network, the working knowledge of the industry, the diversity and the personality.

Be ready to see her rock it next year in kunle afolayan's movie Phone Swap, monalisa chinda's Kiss and tell, and the latest and first movie production by rita domique. She is unarguably the best actress at the moment alongside tonto dike and mercy Johnson.

2. Tonto Dike

Tonto dike's best is yet to come and her fans are waiting. It has been said in the industry that nobody loves nollywood more than uche jombo and tonto dike. Like a bomb tonto would explode come 2012. She has got the swag and the experience to make her compete with the best of the best in the industry.

Although often being criticized by the media based and on the roles she chose to act, but she is fast crossing her bridge to reach her best form. Watch out for tonto in 2012.


The British returnee has never had it better in the industry until now. If you are not acquainted with her movies then you need to go check these movies out, ''Forgive Me Father,'' ''Ebony,'' ���'African Soldier,'' ''The Gift,'' ''Return Of Ogidi'' Timeless Passion,'' the soap ''Catwalq.''

She has just finished working with the royal arts academy group on the movie ''Weekend Getaway, and she is presently working with Nigerian Hollywood star hakeem ka kazeem on obi emelonye's movie ''Last Flight To Abuja.'' Her time has come to finally register her brand strong in nollywood.

4. Chelsea Eze

She may not be your regular girl on screen but come 2012 she is bound to reign as one of the best. She has got the beauty, talent, and touch that make her completely irresistible. She emerged the first runner up for miss Taraba State in 2006 and has seen found herself in mainstream nollywood.

She won the BON revelation of the year award in 2010. The movie ''Silent Scandal'' which she featured alongside genevieve nnaji and Ghana's majid Michel eventually pushed her into limelight. She also featured in one of the best movies of the year ''Two Brides And A Baby'' alongside Stella Damascus. She is presently in the United States where she is casted alongside Hollywood stars.


By 2012 her name is bound to ring like a siren when the movie ''Black Gold'' hits the cinema. Coming all the way from the amata dynasty, mbong amata has been very impressive. An actress and a model, 2012 will eventually see her compete at the highest level in nollywood.


She was presently the host of nigeria's leading men's lifestle magazine ''Mode Of Men''. An epitome of beauty, no other actress in nollywood is favorably tipped to hit the top spot in 2012 apart from beverly naya. She may have not spent a long time in nollywood, but the time is ripe enough. She has initially been involved in the movies such as ''Make Me A Heart'' Mystery Of Destiny'' ''Home In Exile'' ''Guilty Pleasures.''

Nollywood fans all over the world are now ready to see her best performance ever in the yet to be released movies ''Weekend Getaway'', ''Allan Pozza'' and the latest from nollywood veteran tarrila thompson's '' Up The Creek Without A Paddle.'' Since after returning to Nigeria from the United Kingdom, she has developed so much passion for nollywood and that has actually proved to be her power.


She has always been among the best of the best and nothing so much seems to have changed. But however, 2012 would see her try to claim the title once more. She is another actress also tipped to make a huge impact by 2012.

Fans are also ready to see her in these yet to be released movies ''Ties That Bind'', teco benson's ''Blood In The Lagoon'' and obi emelonye's ''Last Flight To Abuja.'


For close to two decades running, Genevieve has remained the best and most talked about nollywood actress. It was her breathtaking performances that have helped to move nollywood this far. In east African countries, it is said that genevieve is even more popular than some of the leaders of those nations.

She has been tested in the industry and now she is even more connected and has more passion to showcase her talent to the world. Always cheerful, happy, humble and calm genevieve would certainly make a statement in the industry like she has always done come 2012.


Everything seems to be working for her at this moment. She is stable in her marriage and career. She is also connected to highly notable personalities in the industry and this gives her the edge and room for improvement. Her movie '' I Will Take My Chances'' from the stables of the royal arts academy would hit the cinema by January. It promises to be one of the best movies ever in the history of nollywood. Ini seems to be winning more fans everyday and she is ready to stand up to the responsibility.


She has repacked herself and fans are going to see her best by 2012. The movie ''Two Brides And A Baby'' is only the tip of the iceberg. She is presently working on her movie ''Unspoken'' which she is the executive producer. You are going to be seeing her in another dimension by 2012.

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