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Renowned Nollywood Script writer and director, Adim Williams has come a long way in the industry, having spent 13 years in this interview with this film maker who has directed `Sharon Stone, Joshua, queen of Aso Rock, Jealous Lover Women in Power to mention but few told us about his film Academy, Problems facing the industry and challenges. Enjoy it

In the beginning
I attended university of calabar where I read Theatre Arts, graduated in 1992.I was giving the Award of the best graduating student in my department. I started in 1994 after my youth service at Adamawa Television Yola I came in specifically to do film. I started going for auditions but at a point I didn't have money again to transport myself. So I discovered that I couldn't do it without having some money. I went to Amaka Igwe`s audition and one day I got a letter that I should come over for the shooting. Then I was a manager of a company. Thereafter, we shot Betrayal and many others, A year after, I resigned my job because I thought I have saved enough money to go into movie production. After two months all the money I had saved finished. No other job and t, the film I had shot didn't come out, it was so bad that on December 25,1995, I didn't have no naira on me I was lying down in my room to endure the hunger. I couldn't go to anybody to say give me money. A man even told my father in the village that I left my job to go into film production. But my dad told me he always has confidence in me. It was very challenging because I was alone. That's why till tomorrow, I'm still very grateful to Amaka Igwe, Zeb Ejiro and more because they gave me the chance and I didn't disappoint them. Shortly after, I started writing scripts. I have written and directed over 70 movies.

Movie Academy
Adim William movie Academy is the first of its type in Nollywood. This is the first time a mainstream films producer is making sacrifice to train new people and re-train old people. In the past, people just walked in and became actors. Also in the past there were opportunities for people to learn on the job but these days, everything is moving at a very fast space. Nollywood is moving to the next level and people need to catch up and the only way to catch up is to get trained. The notion that people collect money for auditioning is not right, we been doing auditioning for many years and we've never collected money from people. I've been working on this project for the past three years. It's not a short time project. I'm taking it one bit after the other and the responses have been tremendous and people have shown appreciation. Anybody who is interested in improving his/herself in the film industry should put in for this programme. A lot of student has graduated, some even graduated recently.

Sex For Role
Of course, it happens. I have experienced such. I am a fine looking man and a lot of actresses are desperate and they are having impression that if they seduce us; they are going to get roles. Infarct it's the reason why I floated this Academy. Instead of going through the back door you can come in through the front door by training.

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