City Flame | 30 September 2011 04:56 CET



Warebi Martha,a Nigerian model based in South Africa and the Chief Executive Officer of Catwalk Production is enmeshed in her first scandal as her married lover reportedly dumped her for trying to hang a marriage proposal on his neck.

According to inside report,the pretty,leggy model found love recently but alas it turned out lover boy is married with two children.
But she was in the neck about it and even his friends encouraged her to date him.

She used to use his picture as her Facebook profile picture and Nosa,the lover boy was always at her side and they both spent quality time all over Europe and America.

Their love story got so bad that Nosa's marriage which was already limping on one leg saw the wife moving out.Nosa who lives in Ikeja and co-runs a fashion shop with wife,visited South Africa a while back to see Warebi but cut his trip short and rushed back home to make up with his wife.

When he would not take Warebi's calls,the model flew back home to find out what was wrong but met a shocker as she was turned back at the gate and told not to come back.

It was quite a scene as Warebi cried and almost wrestled the security man from his post so as to go in and confront lover boy.

Friends of the super model say she's quietly recuperating with her broken heart and has gone under,and these insiders swear that even though the model was”In a relationship” as her Facebook status,that it is all a ploy to keep new toasters away.

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