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‘I Love Confident Men – Rita Dominic

By Bola Dauda

Rita Dominic is one of the top women in the movie industry that has managed to stay away from controversies. A screen goddess in her right, Rita Dominic has risen from an average actress to a Nollywood star on the road to 'Diva status'.we had a chat with the Nollywood star who celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, July 13, 2011, read up…

Tell us how you got into Nollywood?

I studied drama in the University of Port-Harcourt and when I was through I came to Lagos. I met Basorge Tariah Jnr. who was my senior in school. Basorge introduced me into Nollywood and cast me in my first movie where i played the lead role. He is the reason why I am here, I owe him a lot.

You've slowed down on Nollywood movie features, what ís the reason?

I am sure you've noticed that it is not just me. The quality of the stories and productions started going down drastically and at some point you have to remember why you went into the profession in the first place. If all these years we don't improve, then there is no reason to continue. I am glad a new Nollywood is emerging and we are all trying to do better work.

Why did you think you were chosen as a co host for The Headies 2011 awards?

Your guess is as good as mine but I intend to soak it all up and enjoy the experience. I already love the energy of the people that work for the company that produces the event so it's all good.

Do you have any plans to direct and produce your own movie?

Co-produce yes but not direct at this time. I still feel that there is so much I can do as an actor. Maybe later down the line, I will direct something but I still enjoy acting so much.

Define the Rita Factor that differentiates you from other female Nollywood actresses.

I feel like that question is one for others to answer. Every human being is uniquely blessed by God and I try to be true to myself by being me.

You showed enthusiasm during the April polls, how much do you see Nigeria becoming greater than she is now?

Nigeria has so much potential. We have no choice but to strive to reach our potential. This will only happen when we as a people make it a priority to become greater.

If you are offered a job in the government, would you take it up?

No with a capital N at this time but you can never tell what the future holds. I cannot even handle the politics that goes on in Nollywood not to talk of Government. Sometimes I feel like public service should be a higher calling like people get called to serve God.

Do you have any movie you are working on now?

Yes, I am going to Nairobi in a few days to shoot a film. The working title is 'Shattered' and it's produced by Carol Nguta for Dream House Productions. I am looking forward to it because it is quite a challenging one.

Looking at the great change in Nollywood movies today, is there anything you would like to change as a person or add to it?

We can get always better in terms of the quality of the stories we tell and the way we tell them. I am producing my first film soon and I am doing my best to do a good job.

Male actors in Nollywood are cute, which do you find it hard to work with when trying to avoid emotional attachments?

Lol, you think our male actors are cute? Good for you! When I go to work, it is not my intention to go fishing for emotional attachments so I cannot say there is any male actor I find hard working with for the reasons you have stated.

Talking about classics like Ripples, Behind the Clouds, Checkmate and the others. Do you have any soaps from the past that you still miss?

I remember watching Checkmate and enjoying RMD's (Richard Mofe Damijo) character. I also liked the late Francis Agu's character as well.

If you win a lotto today, which of the Nollywood actresses would you enjoying spending it with?

(Laughs) they know themselves and they are very fun people, no airs whatsoever. Two live in Abuja and one is in Lagos so figure it out if you can.

Off the record, if not burgers and fries, which African dish are you very good at making?

I am good at making different dishes but I will say Egusi and Oha soup. Do you ask male artists these questions?

Tell us something you think the press doesn't know about you already.

Are you for real? They know too much already!

We hear a lot of celebrity broken marriages round the world, what exactly would you say turns you off about Nigerian men?

I don't know about turn off but generally, a man that says what he means and means what he says is a big turn on for me. I love a confident and purposeful man.

Do you have a problem with being dominated by a guy?

(sighs) 'Dominated' is a word that can mean so many things to so many different people. You would have to rephrase that question.

Would you ever act in a movie for free?

Ohhh yes! If I see that dream role I definitely would do it but that is why we have management. They stop you from doing silly stuff like that (laughs). If not a lot of artistes would starve for their art.

Which artiste in Nigeria would you date if he asked nicely?

Yeah right, like I would really tell you!

What is the cheapest amount you ever received for a movie?

Zero naira. There are still some producers owing me from back in the day.

If President Jonathan let you have his seat for two days, what would you change and how much would you like to be paid?

Ah, two days is too short to do anything! First I don't want to be paid for those two days and I will focus on four things. I would fix the power issue. It is one of the most embarrassing problems we face as nation and I don't understand why they treat it so lightly. I would make sure the freedom of information act is properly enforced so that we can find the people who having been stealing from Nigeria since 1960. Free quality healthcare for women and children across the country and lastly I would take steps to secure our boarders and protect the citizens of Nigeria from harm.

What brand of car makes you go 'WOW' every time it's being driven by?

The Rolls Phantom Drop Head Coupe is lovely.

Who made your best dress?

Data for JD7.

Boots and Boys, which do you find fun in?

Huh? I love boots and I love boys so there you have it

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