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Youth Corps Members:Victims Of Nigerian DemoCRAZY!

By dimokokorkusstella

It is no longer a joke that the youths of naija are the worst hit by her desire for change in this democratic process.Parents who toiled to send their children to school and are about heaving a sigh of relief that their child is about to finish the 'all mighty'NYSC are crying.....tears of pain,regret and shock.

Please use the word of mouth to make this petition faster,call up friends,family,friends of friends and loved ones sign this petition and then ask the NYSC members you know to leave the trouble prone areas at once..enough is enough and we have lost too many lives already!

The NYSC program was established under Decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973. Among its goals according to the decree is to promote ties among Nigerian youths aimed at further enhancing national unity, tolerance and understanding. Upon graduation from higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, the graduates are sent to states in Nigeria to serve a mandatory Youth Service Corps program for one year. Over the years the program was extended to Nigerian students graduating from foreign institutions.

Recently many Youth Corp members were slaughtered in Jos following the sectarian riots in the city. Many of the Youth Corp members are being killed by hooligans following the recent presidential election as reprisals for the loss of their presidential candidate
If you know more names of NYSC members who died on the line of duty please post a message on this story.thank you.

Obi is one of the Youth Corpers killed in Bauchi in the last few days. Obi was a person, he had a life, he had a family that loved and sacrificed for him. Obi as you can see from his picture was a good looking young man full of life. According to friends, Obi had run to the corpers lodge to seek refuge and was worried enough to contemplate running to the barracks. But before he or any of the other corpers in the lodge could actualize this; death arrived in the form of a CPC murder squad.
The terror Obi and the rest must have felt can only be best imagined. They were forced out and beaten up and not quite done, the baying crowd of CPC fanatics slaughtered them and set their bodies alight!
RIP Obi!
We heard the story of Mr. Ukeoma Ikechukwu who was serving as an electoral officer in Bauchi State. This was his last facebook posting before he went missing:
“Na wao! This CPC supporters would hv killed me yesterday, no see threat oooo. Even after forcing underaged voters on me they wanted me to give them the remaining ballot paper to thumb print. Thank God for the police and am happy i could stand for God and my nation. To all corps members who stood despite these threats esp. In the north bravo! Nigeria! Our change has come.”
Latest report indicate Ikechukwu ukeoma was Killed in a bauchi police station where he was taking refuge with other youth corpers while serving his country. a lady, a medical doctor said that during her Church's Prayer Meeting a few days ago, a member of the Church received a phone call from his brother who is serving in Bauchi and worked with INEC as a polling official during the Presidential Election.That he and six other Corpers were being pursued by an irate mob and they were running to seek refude in a nearby Police Station and that prayer should be rendered for their safety. Sometime later, the brother called the Bauchi Corper again but this time a male voice picked the call and started raining abuses on him. Days later he confirmed that his brother, Ikechukwu and the other six corpers were killed by the mob which over-ran the Police Station!!
Other casualties......NYSC member in gwagwalada hospital.
serving corp member...she is temporary (or permanently) deaf.
Two of her sisters were affected....One, an immediate corps member lost her life...the other, a serving corps member is in critical condition... the lady with her arms in the air? Two of her sisters were affected....One, an immediate corps member lost her life...the other, a serving corps member is in critical condition...
At the same time in Zango Local Government, over 20 corps members living at the Central Corpers Lodge had to take refuge at the Nigeria-Niger Republic border.
Chaos unlimited
Within the next 48 hours, the situation worsened across at least seven local governments, notably Funtua, Jibia, Kankara, Faskari, Malumfashi, Dandume and also Katsina, the state capital. Several lives were lost while scores of churches, property, shops and businesses worth hundreds of millions of naira were completely razed.
“Katsina has always been peaceful. This crisis came as a surprise to all of us. This is the first time in my 17 years in Katsina this type of thing is happening,” said Adewale Adediran, the Katsina State chapter chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). In Katsina, the state capital, hoodlums razed the house of the head pastor of the Cherubim and Seraphim church together with the church bus along Dutsin-Ma road at about 11p.m., despite the 9p.m to 7a.m curfew imposed by Katsina state governor, Ibrahim Shema.
The fire also destroyed the apartment of four corps members and another female occupant scheduled to wed next month.

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