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Letter to Nigeria Leaders – Baba De Baba Drops New Hilarious Comedy Skit

By Julia Blaise

Comedian Baba De Baba expressed his opinion for Nigerian leaders in his new hilarious and exposing comedy skit entitled, Letter to Nigeria Leaders. He exclusively informed us that our leaders go abroad to learn all the negative aspect of leadership and ignore the positive ones. “I talked about how deceptive our leaders are. Our shameless leader travel abroad to enjoy basic amenities provided by the leaders over their and they don't care to implement them here instead they copy only how to extort Nigerians.”

Listen to him after the cut:

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“When leaders go abroad, they see citizenship allowance, good education, good road, good healthcare system, old peoples home, regular power supply, fairness, corruption free leadership. When they go abroad and see all these good things and they keep deaf ears, when they come back to Nigeria, they say "fuel is expensive in USA, let's remove subsidy and let's implement tax payment.” Our leaders only copy evil from abroad. I was embarrassed in Kenya... When I got to the hotel and I asked the receptionist "is there light" instead of her to answer me yes or No, she asked me "are u a Nigerian? Because this is the same question Nigerians ask each time they lodge here.” I was shocked because our leaders have made us so used to darkness. This is an abstract from my audio CD COMEDY QUAKE 2 with Baba De Baba.”

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1/2/2014 8:56:29 PM
good one
Tell dem
1/2/2014 9:35:24 PM
D Reallit¥......
1/2/2014 9:57:46 PM
Dat wat Gej is planin 2 implement into dis country.
Omo Oba
1/2/2014 10:05:00 PM
Comedian Baba De Baba; good effort. Let me tell you what they are going to do to your CD. They are going to do what they do best; turn deaf ears. They have selective hearing, selective focusing and selective perception. They end up having selective learning. that is why they come back from those advanced countries, learning only the negative things, especially those that will promote self enrichment.
1/4/2014 2:36:52 PM
He is d best

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