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2011 elections: Artistes pledge to troop out again

By ’Nonye Ben-Nwankwo
Ufoma Ejenobor

Ufoma Ejenobor

While politicians have been doling out money to ensure they are successful during the 2011general elections in Nigeria, stakeholders in the entertainment industry have been laughing all the way to the bank with 'campaign money for jobs well done.' Not only have some of the entertainers recorded songs for their candidates, a number of them have stood solidly behind their chosen candidates during campaigns and rallies. Though some critics have said the entertainers' romance with politicians is just for the money, some of them have said that it is not all about the monetary gratification. Life and Beat talks to some celebrities, most of who were part of last Saturday's botched election one way or the other, and what they will do in the subsequent elections

I will still vote – Ufoma Ejenobor

Recently wedded to a Briton, actress Ufoma Ejenobor says nothing will stop her from casting her votes in these elections. According to her, she came out last Saturday and will do it again and again till the elections are over.

“If (Attahiru) Jega likes, let him reschedule the elections to July, I will still vote. I'm so passionate about this. Ah! Don't go there o. I must vote o. You need to see the hot chicks that came out last Saturday under the sun to cast their votes. If you registered and you didn't vote, some other person would use your vote. So, it is better we all cast our votes. You will never know, your vote can make the difference,” Ejenebor says.

This is a chance we shouldn't mess up

Bob Manuel-Udokwu

Nollywood big boy says if he went all out to register during the voter registration, nothing should stop him from voting.

His words, “I duly registered during the exercise. I really have to vote in this election. If people see me cast my vote, it might encourage them to come out and vote as well. This is our civic right, which we should exercise. This is a chance we shouldn't mess up. Complaining won't get us anywhere.”

I'll not be able to participate in this election – Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde wasn't in the country last Saturday during the election and unfortunately, she would not be around for the subsequent elections.

“I was in Ghana last Saturday and I'm travelling to England again. I'll not be able to participate in these elections. I just hope we will have credible elections. I'm an activist. It is scary the way things are going on in this country. I just pray there will be a change,” she says.

I'll definitely cast my votes

Chinedu Ikedieze

Since he is a national award recipient, it is expected that actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, will exercise his civic rights. Indeed, Ikedieze, just back from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, says he is ready to do so, especially in the governorship and presidential elections.

“I don't know much about the National Assembly election, so, I might not be able to vote. But for the governorship and presidential elections, I'll definitely cast my votes. I wasn't able to register in my home town; I'll cast my votes in Lagos State and I know who I'm going to vote for. I also encourage other people to stand up and vote,” he says.

I'm going to do it again – Moji Olaiya

Yoruba actress, Moji Olaiya, sees the election days as days for Nigerians to go out and cast their votes. Olaiya says, “I went out to vote last Saturday before it was postponed. I'm going to do it again. There is this man in my area that is contesting in the National Assembly election. I'll simply go and cast my vote because of him. He is a good man and he has done so much in my area.”

This is the first time I'm voting in this country – Stephanie Okereke

Screen diva, Stephanie Okereke, who went out last week Saturday to cast her vote, says she will certainly do it until the elections are over.

“I believe it is time for Nigerians to secure their future by being part of the political process that determines who we put our hopes in. This is the first time I'm voting in this country. This time, we see that Nigerian youths have a strong voice and are going all out, using different platforms to express their passion and interest. It is a wind of change, one that we will look back on and be happy about,” she says.

We must be the change we preach – Gbenga Adeyinka

Comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, is not left behind. He says he is all out to participate in the exercise. “Like every other person, I was disappointed when the election was postponed last Saturday. I was already on the queue getting set to vote when the news of the postponement came. I must vote again, anyway. I believe that we must be the change that we preach,” he says.

We must get it right this time – Julius Agwu

Musician cum comedian, Julius Agwu, is not only a rib cracker, he is also advocating that people go out and exercise their civic rights

He says, “I believe strongly in (Attahiru) Jega and his integrity. I hadn't voted before the news of the postponement came. But I feel it is for the best. I will still vote. We must get it right this time.

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Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde
Chinedu Ikedieze
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