General News | 30 January 2007 12:27 CET


Beautiful Ini Edo has had her own share of the scandals that normally associates with being a star

Ini Edo's latest romance affair with a sentor from Akwa Ibom state whom we gathered is now spending heavily on her,he even bought her a jeep recently, source revealed that the senator`s wife has been hinted of Ini Edo`s illicit moves with her husband. And we were told she has been threatening fire and brimstone to unleash trouble whenever she finds the actress.

The woman is aware of Ini Edo's romance with the senator, and she is seriously searching for her to teach her the lesson of her life, the source hinted us. But the sweet looking actress last week Wednesday in a chat denied that somebody bought her the jeep.”I can afford to buy anything I desire. I bought the jeep myself to add to the Benz Coupe I have. Whatever story you have heard is baseless. Ini concluded by saying, last year was a successful year for her in the industry and deserves the best for herself. She has also promised to take her work more seriously and to excel in her acting career.

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