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‘I’m sexier in tights’---WAJE

By LifeMag

Christened Aituaje Ebele Vivian Aina Iruobe at birth, but known in music circle as WAJE, an acronym for 'Words Aren't Just Enough', the Sabongida Ora, Edo State-native attended Word of Faith Group of Schools, Benin, where she honed her singing skills as a member of the Children's Evangelical Ministry Choir. Waje's love for singing earned her a scholarship while still in school. She came into limelight in 2007 when she did a re-mix of P-Square's Omoge mi, called Bobo mi. Some of her works include Somewhere, Kolo, For a Min and the most recent, So Inspired, which features Munachi Abii, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MGBN). She shares with DANIEL ANAZIA what fashion means to her.

What is fashion to you?
I'm not a very fashion conscious person, but I love to appear good and smart. Fashion is being comfortable in your attire.

Uniqueness of your style
I love jeans trouser, but on stage, I always wear jacket and tights because of my tomboyish physique.

Favourite colour
Black because it doesn't discriminate.

Favourite piece of clothing
Tights. I look sexy in them.

Favourite designers
Deola Sagoe and House of Deron.

What would you not be caught wearing?
Never say never because one day, I just might wear whatever it is.

How often do you change your wardrobe?
Not very often.

What is on shopping list for the month?
A pair of Deola Sagoe jeans tailored to fit (customised), new jackets and maybe a nice shoe.

Most expensive item ever bought
My Rolex watch; it cost me a lot of money.

Grooming habits and body care
For some reasons; I believe my hair makes my look different. I'm sure you wouldn't want to see me looking like a drag queen. So, I always try to make sure it looks nice no matter my finance.

Favourite signature perfume
Heat by Beyoncé.

Favourite food

Pounded yam and nsala soup.


Transparent and honest people.

Dishonesty and lies.

What would you consider sexy in men and women?
Drive to better and succeed

What is your ideal man like?

Frankly, I haven't seen any, but my ideal man must be very confident, principled, responsible and God-fearing.

Choice travel/holiday destination
Take me to any beautiful beach, or place of fine weather and I will be yours for a minute.

What would you like to change in Nigeria, if given the opportunity?
Our attitude to our immediate environment.

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