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Pastor Adeboye Prays For President Jonathan - Picture

By Jackson Udom and Dele Ayeleso
Pastor Adeboye Prays For President Jonathan

Pastor Adeboye Prays For President Jonathan

Jonathan goes spiritual on insecurity

Nigerian President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan has admitted that natural and acquired intellect, strategic plans and formidable defence were altogether insufficient to tackle the alarming rate of insecurity in the nation, except by divine intervention.

The president assured that his government would employ all means to ensure that the alarming incidents of kidnapping and threat to lives and property in Nigeria became a thing of the past, before the end of the first half of next year.

President Jonathan, while speaking at the just concluded annual Holy Ghost Congress of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, on Friday night, held at the Redeemed Camp, Lagos- Ibadan Express Road, reiterated that his government was committed to phasing out kidnapping in Nigeria and assured the people on security of lives and property ahead of next year's general elections.

He stated that his government was aware that there would be no meaningful economic development in Nigeria if incidents of kidnapping persisted.

“I promise you that we will do everything to phase out kidnapping in Nigeria by the first half of next year, this is because there cannot be any development in a nation with high rate of kidnapping. Nobody will want to do business where there is no safety.

“Safety in Nigeria is the priority of our government, just pray for us that God should give us wisdom. We will work hard against robbery; we are committed to tackling corruption and mismanagement of public funds and we are also committed to education development. But I must tell you that none of these will work if God is not there for us. Pray that God should guide us.

“It is only God that can help me to change things. Pray for me now that I am the sitting president of your country. Pray for me not to deviate from the fear of God,” the president stated.

Speaking on the 2011 general elections, President Jonathan, who enjoined Nigerians to pray against any self- imposed leader at all levels, stressed that the stability and expected meaningful development in Nigeria could only come with the emergence of true leaders in the coming elections.

“I have discovered that whenever the country is drifting, Christians will always rise to pray and ensure stability. I am here tonight to submit myself to you and God for prayers. My political history was just like that of David in the Bible who did not know that he would become a king. I did not struggle for political position, it is never my efforts, that is why, anything I have to do, I do with the fear of God. Therefore, pray for me not to drift from His fear,” he said.

Based on his request, president Jonathan knelt down before the congregation and he was prayed for at the Holy Ghost Congress.

While commending Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the church, President Jonathan, who was attending the programme for the first time in its 13 years of existence, noted that when he visited the pastor in 2007 in company of his late boss, Musa Yar'Adua, “he prayed for us and all he told us came to pass.”

President Jonathan left the Holy Ghost Congress at about 12 midnight.
In his response, Pastor Adeboye reiterated that Nigerian Christians would not fold their arms and watch during the coming general elections promised to lead the fight against any cheating during elections. He warned the leadership of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) against rigging.

He said: “I am a Nigerian; I love Nigeria and it is going to be well with Nigeria. I want to say it again, Christians, you must register, you must vote and be ready to defend your vote. INEC, we love you, but no magomago this time. I will lead the fight, if we suspect any magomago. Give us a free and fair election, whatever the result is, just give us a free and fair election.”

I am your sitting president, pray for me so that I will not deviate from the fear of God,

-President Goodluck Jonathan kneeling before Pastor Enoch Adeboye at the Holy Ghost Congress on Friday night. Photo: State House

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