Nollywood Media | 16 July 2016 11:00 CET

Sex Is Spiritual To Ayobami


Akande Ayobami, aka 'Ayobami' is one Nigerian celebrity who will have nothing to do with indecent performances in his music career. To the disappointment of his many female fans, Ayobami doesn't  want to have anything intimate with them.

He has made it clear that no video vixen will touch his 'Pee' 'I won't allow that. My kind of music is meant to affect people positively. Doing such isn't good for my brand.'

 Ayobami talked about his female fans 'I just relate with them like friends and that is where it ends. I can't start sleeping around because I'm a musician, it will still affect my career. I don't let it go beyond the greetings.'

He admits that s*x is spiritual to him and talked about the  sexual content in Nigerian music videos 'Those are the things I don't really like. There is a way love can be portrayed in a music video without showing a lady's sensitive body parts or going naked. Even if an artiste sings a dance track these days, you will still see naked ladies being paraded in the music video. I don't like that. When your music video has a good concept your video will still sell.'

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