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These are some of the Showbiz Stars now born again christians and working tireless in the Lord's vineyard; they include:

Liz Benson: This Nollywood screen goddess tops the list of those who have decided to do away with the things of the world and go the way of the Lord. Liz Benson who held sway in the early years of home video in Nigeria is now an evangelist. She was consecrated by Dr. Emma Isong of the Christian Chapel International based in Calabar.

Hilda Dokubo:- Mrakpor: is also one of Nollywood stars who is very strong in the Lord. Though she has since the beginning of this political dispensation become a big player in the political terrain, she does not allow her political alliance hinder her love for God's work as she is now one of the resident pastors of a 21st Country Church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Just some months back, she hosted countless crusades in her church.

Helen Ukpabio:- She is a soldier of the Lord and she is not relenting on her efforts at emancipating and saving souls for the Lord. Helen is the founder and pastor of Liberty Church whose headquarters is in Calabar, Cross River State with branches all over the country and even beyond.

She is also the boss of Liberty Films, a leading films production and marketing outfit. She has also done a lot of movies and also acted in some of them like 'Married To a Witch,' 'Grace to Grass', 'Rapture', 'The Price,' 'Wasted Years' and 'End of the Wicked”, amongst lots of others.

The producer and actress is very prominent in her fight against witches and wizards and her crusades have always been powerful and jam-packed.

Stella Monye:- She has over the years been a key player in the circle of Hare Krishna Worshippers. Today, the talented singer of 'Oko mi ye' fame goes about flaunting all her accessories as a devoted member of the sect.

Richard Mofe-Danijo:- The star actor is also a man of God and holds sway in the House Hold of God as one of the pastors. Despite all the controversies that had followed this Warri-born ex-journalist, he is still focused on the jobs of drawing souls to God.

Sunny Okosun:- He was once a musician of repute and was dubbed a freedom fighter due to his penchant for songs aimed at emancipation of the black man in bondage and discrimination against blacks.

Okosun is still a freedom fighter, but of a different kind. His war today is to win souls for God. He is now the General Overseer of Lagos based House of prayer. He is still a warrior for the Lord.

Ebenezer Obey:- Former juju miliki music maestro is another show biz guru who is using his immense talent in the vineyard of the Lord. Instead of the fast tempo juju style he was used to, he is now using his music and his preaching to bring workers for the Lord. He is now Pastor Ebenezer Obey Fabiji and a full fledged shepherd in charge of Decross Gospel Mission and Decross International world wide.

Rev. Chris Okotie:- He used to be one of the top rated pop stars in the country in the early 80s. He ruled the air waves with hit tunes that became anthems of sorts, many people then compared him to Michael Jackson, what with his dance steps and stage crafts.

All of a sudden, the lawyer turned musician threw away his microphone and wig and took up the collar and cassock. He is now known as Reverend Okotie of the Household of God Church where he is still using the power of God to win souls for the Lord.

Dizzy K. Falola:- He was also a popular pop star in the 80s and had hit tunes like 'Baby Kilode' before his star dinned. He traveled to United Kingdom where he had a new calling and has since given his life to Christ. Today, he is a full time pastor in London.

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