The Owl's! | 31 July 2010 21:56 CET

Check out TUFACE and babymama SUMBO AJABA.

By olofofo
Sunmbo and Tuface

Sunmbo and Tuface

Despite all his meanderings with other women,despite the wash down she went through being his baby mama number two,these two are still together and....they accord each other respect!

Sumbo looks different and even prettier and tuface seems to be searching for some kind of look to his name.
This babymama has been referred to as 'very smart','snake under the green grass','manipulative'......who cares?...whatever works for her.

This pic was taken recently at sumbos late fathers 10th year remembrance and tuface was there to give his baby mama all the support she needs.those who saw them together were impressed!.

maybe.....just maybe tuface is turning a new leaf!...possible?

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