Behind the scene | 1 June 2006 09:43 CET

TEARS OF JOY...I fainted day my twins gave me N1m, says P-Square’s mom

Mother of P-Square, Hip-Hop's rave of the moment, Mrs. Josephine Okoye, has sensationally revealed the happiest day of her life. It wasn't necessarily the day she had the remarkable set of twins.

Rather, as the proud mother told Sunday Sun at their Lagos family residence recently, it was the day Peter and Paul jointly gave her N1million cash gift.

Waoh! The boys, without prompting, just credited their mom's account with N1million cool cash and sent her an SMS to check it out. Did she scream?

At the bank in Enugu she caused a scene thus: “I screamed and screamed. When I was told that my balance was one million Naira, I almost fainted. I had never seen that kind of money before.”
According to her, God revealed her twins to her three months before they were born. Barely three months after they were born, they began to display a strong love for music, which she could not ignore. Anytime music was playing on radio, they had a way of waving their infantile hands and nodding their heads to the rhythm: “At a very tender age, I was surprised to discover that they were dancing to music.

Whenever they cried, I used music to sooth them. It all baffled me, but I knew that God was at work.”
Despite being their mom, she has had problems identifying who was who especially when they were growing up. One moment she would never forget was when Paul lost all his front row teeth in an accident at the age 10. Sadly though, she used that to differentiate them. But that was only temporal.

“At last, I had discovered a way of identifying my boys. However, a few weeks later, when Paul's teeth grew, the same problem arose again. I wanted to send Peter on an errand so I used his teeth to identify him but when I called Peter, he said that he was Paul. It was then I noticed that his teeth had grown. It was a moment of joy for the whole family.”

Mrs. Okoye believes that her kids took after her. In her growing days, she had been a singer in church and to this day, she still sings in her church where she is the Mother General of friends of Jesus Catholic Prayer Ministry at her parish in Jos.

Red carpet reception
“I am very happy today. I am grateful to God because it is a fulfillment of His plan. The Lord's revelation to me concerning them is beginning to manifest. It is coming to perfection.”

She says that being the mother of P-Square has earned her special treatment. She relates an anecdote: “I went to Oceanic Bank in Enugu where somebody identified me as P-Square's mom. There was an instant “uproar”. For almost three minutes, work stalled at the branch as everyone stopped what they were doing to catch a glimpse of me. I could not believe it! The next thing I got was celebrity treatment. Till tomorrow, whenever I go there, I get a red carpet treatment.”

“They are young men, handsome and eligible by all standards. They are both graduates. I advice them to be wary of girls because of what they (girls) are capable of doing. I let them know that with success comes women. They cannot run away from women but they must be very careful because of the reality of HIV/AIDS. All my life, I pray that God should protect them from bad girls.”

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