Nollywood Media | 16 May 2010 10:38 CET


By Alonge Michael


Bauchi State administration headed by the very handsome Mallam Isa Yuguda appears to be one of the most corrupt states in Nigeria as the people of the state who are always complaining of his many financial misappropriations are not finding things easy with him.

While he's yet to clear himself from his excesses and nontransparent contract he awarded to China Zhonghao Nigeria Limited valued at N7.8b of which knowledgeable sources point to China Zonghao as the governor's conduit pipe for the looting of Bauchi State, the amiable governor is said to have been a drug addict. “Yes, he can't do without taking it every night.

Why he's so engrossed to smoking of Indian hemp these days cannot be explained, the reason is because, immediately he takes it, he begins to cry a baby for a while before he gains his strength back. A lot of us, who are witnesses of this strange ordeal, have come to conclusion that there is more to that act than meet the eyes.

” One of his aides informed us. Governor Isa Yuguda is the son-in law to the late former president of Nigeria, Musa Yardua and while he is said to have been going away with the looting of his state's treasury is based on this fact.

Though, there is a strong warning from the presidency that the youthfully looking governor is 'untouchable' and both EFCC and ICPC seem to adhere to this instruction, close sources informed. .

This friendly and very playful governor who is said to have turned the good fortune of his state to misfortune, information at our disposal reveals, is not only hooked on drugs but is deeply involved in all kinds of immoral acts. will soon give you all the documentary evidences of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) program to you as soon as possible.

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