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What Do You Call A Legal System That Is Itself Illegally Standing? British Judicial System!



Am not a trained lawyer nor did I study law as such – I am however a Born Again Christian and one that is used to and has to apply the Laws of God in everyday life, another fact: ALL LEGAL SYSTEMS are based and given by God as seen in the OLD TESTAMENT when God conferred it to MOSES and AARON.

The New Testament being the Amended Old Testament – the most recent set of rules and Laws although called GRACE!. Most people would like the two to be a separate entity: Fact is one cannot have a legal system without the Laws of God – or rather if you were to have it it would not be doing the thing that it states on the Tin so to speak.

The British legal system has broken down and it broke ages ago – I came across that fact when I came across SECTION 19 C of the Race Relations Amendment ACT 2000 {Proverbs 11v1} in 2005.The Section states that ANY JUDGE in ANY COURT in Britain can discriminate against a black and or ethnic minority – you don't need to be a genius to know that that means that NO JUSTICE will ever be carried for the black and even the white as sometimes justice{Rebuke} brings forth repentance and a change of direction from the Fire to Eternal Life! Recall that the Law was given unto Moses and the Courts system set up just for that purpose! God created it to save man!

Without a need for repentance the white man would never feel that he was doing anything wrong and so would carry on doing it until they cannot help themselves and are destroyed.

Then we have the Judgement seat of God which EVERYONE has to stand before on the DAY..So it is pretty good to safe that God is still in the Judgment and Justice business even IF the contrary seems to be the norm. Then there is the matter of the legality of the laws themselves which are passed in Britain and the British Parliament and exercised etc in the courts. The British Constitution and 1700 Settlements ACT states that a practising Catholic CANNOT be monarch over England {Britain and its realms – i.e common wealth of nations} and also that a Protestant monarch who has been crowned cannot back slide and have anything to do with the Pope and all thing Papist – if they do they forfeit their Crown and loose all of their Regal powers.

With a loss of Regal powers NO LAWS can be passed , the courts and the inland Revenue cannot function as they are created for the monarch both of which currently bears her name HER MAJESTYS SERVICE [Courts] HER MAJESTYS INLAND REVENUE and of course HER MAJESTY's PRISONS .The Settlements Act absolves ALL CITIZENS of Britain and the Realms FROM ANY AND ALL ALLEGIENCES to such a monarch that has 'backslidden'!!

Lines 10 – 18 of the 1700 Settlements ACT . So where does that leave the present Queen and the money laundering act and other laws passed by her? Even if one was to accept that the Queen is the rightful heir to the British Throne as there is a debate that she is NOT . One contention is that one MICHEAL ABNEY HASTINGS who resides in Australia is the rightful heir to the British Throne - Channel 4 made a one hour documentary followed the claim through his genealogy which were verified by historians.

His claims were NOT REFUTED by Buckingham Palace nor by 10 Downing Street. In that case as a Christian one cannot swear an oath of allegiance to a person that is not who she claims to be : it is a case of FRAUD [FALSE OATH] which has punishable consequences of ETERNAL FIRE. True.

We - at least speaking for my self - would be found in the Court of Our Lord in Christ Jesus [i.e Day of Judgement] to be aiding and abetting an usurper. If it is the case that the Queen is the rightful heir to the British Throne { i.e via permission given by the Rightful heir ] then there is still the matter of the Settlements Act which governs how Royalty should act. Even the monarchy are to keep to the Law of the Land! Unfortunately or fortunately the Queen forefeited the Settlements ACT in 1980 when she was paid a visit by the then Pope and she then made a visit to the Vatican.

IT was also stated by the Church of England that she attended VESPERS[ask any Catholic that says their hail Marys what it is !] at the Catholic Church in Westminster in 2005. If we are law abiding Citizens it is clear that the queen has forfeited the Crown and did so in 1980 when she met and communicated with the Vatican and the Pope.This means that all of the laws that she passed from 1980 are truly null and voided and are illegal as are the courts and all its accessories which are illegally standing according to the Constitution and of course the Settlements ACT .

It means that we ARE NOT IN THE EU and it has been a complete waste of time and money, and further for all sorry Christian Conspiracists and secular NEW WORLD ORDER ERS! We are not AWAITING THE ANTI CHRIST, as even Satan expects things to be done legally and in order . True . When he won over Eve he won fair and square , when he tempted the Lord the earth was his fair and square – Jesus did not dispute this fact with him- although He did come to came it back from satan!

ONLY the owner can sign it away -ONLY the owner of Britain can sign it to the EU or to another other party..we have a case where the Queen is not the owner which means and signing and agreements are not valid! Back to the courts - if it is the case of wanting to do justice then the Courts, the British Government must be reformed and current cases ALL CASES dropped given that their foundation and base is currently based on FRAUD / a lie /illegality. Will they do it? - if not then the issue is not about Justice but about something else and you don't need to be a law student to know that Laws must be lawfully made and carried out! True Brits obey the Settlements ACT !All Foreigners don't!


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