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Now at 50, I want a first degree–Patrick Doyle


Looking back at his life of 50 years, veteran broadcaster, Patrick Rutherford Doyle said he is one of the most fortunate individuals in life. The multi-talented broadcaster has tasted both sides of life, having lost three relations, including a wife and a son to Sickle Cell Anaemia.
But for each loss he has suffered, the broadcaster believes he has always emerged stronger afterwards.

From the training he received at the Federal Radio Corporation on recommendation of his late mother at the age of 20, he has since distinguished himself as an award-winning broadcaster at both FRCN and NTA. Even without a university degree, he has equally excelled as an actor, producer, master of ceremony and expert. The recent one was his handling of a brief for Silverbird Television (STV) which in turn gave birth to Morning Show on STV.

He took us on a retrospective journey of his life, his 10 year-old marriage to versatile actress, Iretiola Doyle among others.

Returning to school
I have made up my mind to acquire formal education before I die. I don't have to do this but I am doing it to make a point to young people about the importance of education. It's not because of learning any other thing that I don't already know. Whatever I know and I have become came by virtue of being inquisitive and being ready to learn. Going back to school will be in my own good time and I won't study something different than my line of career.

My absence from the screen
It has been a long time I appeared in the movies. I am glad producers have found someone else to play the role of pastor in their movies. The stereotype is as a result of being unimaginative on the part of movie producers. However a Director, Tchidi Chikere tried me in a different role recently. I played the role of a lunatic and I did enjoy it. Ever since acting has always been something I did at spare time or for fun. This is why I don't regard myself as an actor.

Leaving a legacy for my kids
Producing drama is very complex and time consuming. I am 50 years old now and I am concerned about using my energy wisely. While drama production is time and energy consuming, the financial reward is limited. At this point in my life, I look forward to small work, big reward because I've been thinking of leaving a good heritance for my children. My good name and goodwill is not enough but I want to leave landed properties for them.

My wife, Iretiola is a stabilizing factor
Indeed she has been a rock of Gibraltar in my life and a stabilizing factor for the past 10 years of our marriage. God is good because He brings people into one's life for a specific purpose. She came into my life at a time when even strong men would have been shaken. She is a good girl, no doubt about it. She was not the only actress I have worked with. We had a solid friendship based on a mutual respect for one another's intellect. This was a plus for me because everyone I have ever considered my friend is intelligent. In the course of my friendship with Ireti, affection set in and the relationship progressed, the rest is history.

Romance for 10 years
I don't know where this impression about society people came from. One thing I know to be true is that the law of relationship is universal and is without discrimination. It is not a question of class, my wife and I have respected the laws of relationship such as respect for each other, mutual fidelity, and loyalty to the marriage institution etc. We are overrating this society thing because society people are simply ordinary people who have been thrust into limelight. Having said that I am not taken in by this celebrity status because my wife and I, we hardly go out to social gatherings or club. Apart from our jobs which makes us highly visible, we are content being daddy and mummy to our kids at home.

Chris Okotie and I
I was flattered to hear Pastor Chris Okotie described me as his friend. He used to be my friend but I regard him with more respect. I consider him my spiritual mentor while I see myself as his spiritual son. Thirty years ago when he was a music star, we hang out together regularly and partied everyday in his room at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island. He is no longer the pop musician that he was then, hence I relate to him now as Pastor Chris Okotie.

Children taking after me
My little daughter is a performer. She enjoys it and is born to perform. My sons are very shy but one of them has the gift of the garb. He did a lot of narration in Primary School and is always the first to be called upon to read the news at school party. I see him joining my profession or doing something close to it.

My new call on Sickle Cell awareness
A sickle cell foundation exists under the chairmanship of Prof Olu Ajayi which has been doing extensive work of research on cure and prevention of Sickle Anaemia. On my part, I hope to use the Raymond Doyle Sickle Cell Foundation to create awareness. We embark on promotion. It is not for nothing that I lost three close relations including, my late wife, son and sister-inlaw.

I have the respect of friends in media like Lekan Ogunbanwo, Bisi Olatilo, John Momoh, Bruces and I intend to explore the relationships. God made people with sickle cell come into my life for a purpose. My late wife's younger sister, Ngozi died of sickle cell anaemia. With my influence and goodwill, I will do this for the rest of my life. Maybe this is the reason I was even born. I will dedicate meaningful part of my life to this course.

Broadcasting Industry in Nigeria
It is only in Nigeria that a producer buys airtime. We carry all the responsibility such as developing content, production, editing, seeking adverts and buying airtime. I think asking a producer to buy airtime is criminal. This should stop. I hope to join colleagues in fighting against this anomaly. At present I am engaged in the business of commerce. I don't enjoy it but I have to keep my family together. So far, it has been very promising. Indication is that it will mature and grow. The business allows me to bequeath something to my offspring. However, my heart is in broadcasting.

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