Nollywood Affairs | 14 November 2009 05:53 CET

Royal Arts Academy berths in Nollywood


Royal Arts academy (RAA), a training institution that seeks to provide continuing education in the arts, has berthed in Nollywood, with so many promises for intending students.

According to Emem Isong, a leading female filmmaker and the founder of the academy, they offer qualitative courses in the various aspects of the film industry with emphasis on script writing, acting, directing, dance and children's theatre.

On why the Surulere, Lagos based academy was established, Isong, a Theatre Arts graduate of the university of Calabar, said it had become necessary to improve and develop skills in order to meet the international standards of film making.

“At Royal Arts Academy, we are committed to enabling all our students to profit from a culture of learning and aligning with our teaching ethos.

We also aim to support students so that they can achieve their full academic potentials, while also equipping them for the demands of continuous learning and self-reliance. We want learning at Royal Arts Academy to be challenging, rewarding and fun,” elated Isong explained.

Actress Monalisa Chinda, a consultant to the academy, said the academy is basically out to provide a conducive environment for learning and training people in the art of film making, as well as providing a platform for interaction between like minds, by discovering and developing new and emerging talents.

With registrations already in progress and only 500-limited spaces available for interested students, Isong, maintained that full classes would begin early next year.

To compete favourably with its counterparts around the world, the duo of Emem Isong and Monalisa Chinda are already in the UK, networking and interfacing with some foreign bodies on how best to run the academy, using all the ingredients of global best practices.

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