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Daniel Regha Schools Cubana Chief Priest Over Interview With BBC Igbo 

By Oluwarantimi Oludase 

Popular Nigerian social media critic, celebrity tormentor and online commentator, Daniel Regha, has reacted to statements made by Cubana Chief priest in an interview with BBC Igbo.

Recall The Nigerian Voice recently reported Cubana Chief priest's interview with BBC Igbo, where he stated that he had to move his business to Lagos over the insecurity in the south east. He also bemoaned how people in the south east were embattled with hunger.

Reacting to Cubana Chief priest's interview with BBC Igbo, Daniel Regha brutally criticized him for making it look like it is only the Igbo land that is embattled with insecurities and hardships. He also stated that the socialite has done nothing to fight against hardship and corruption in the country.

He wrote on X;
“Igbo land isn't the only region where there are pressing challenges, but Cubana Chief Priest in a recent BBC interview made it seem like the issue of people relocating & barely coming home due to insecurity is peculiar to the Igbo states. Insecurity is a nationwide problem. Again this isn't the reason why there's hunger in South-east; Hunger in the land is mainly due to lack of human capital development, which is caused by bad govt/leaders. Now talking about election matters, how many times has he used his platform to address political issues on behalf of his people, or even champion conversations that needs to be heard? Wasn't it in the SE that a governship candidate was declared winner despite coming 4th position in the election? Did people's votes count then?”

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