General News | 19 May 2024 13:41 CET

Daniel Regha Criticizes Autopsy Report Of Late Mohbad 

By Oluwarantimi Oludase 

Popular social media critic, Daniel Regha has reacted to the autopsy result of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

Recall that the late singer's body was exhumed for autopsy after much pressure from Nigerians over suspicious circumstances surrounding the singer's death. However, the result of the autopsy was not announced for many months until recently where the pathologist in charge of the autopsy stated that “The cause of the singer's death could not be ascertained due to the decomposition of his body."

This revelation has not settled down well with many Nigerians who believe that it was a deliberate action to cover up the singer's death. However, one person who has been very focal about the result is Daniel Regha, who has constantly criticized the government for taking so long for an autopsy test and now they could not find anything, which according to him was a way to cover up the case.

He took to X to bemoan his anger. He wrote;
“Justice for Mohbad" was never about what killed him but a movement to bring those who assaulted him to justice, which would've been possible if not for misplaced priorities; Now autopsy reveals nothing (as expected), & his assulters still walk free. Hope y'all are happy now? Shout-out to everyone who helped ru!n the case.”

His second tweet reads thus;“I've watched a lot of real life documentaries to know that an autopsy can be carried out on a decomposed body, even weeks after burial; So I'm not buying that report about Mohbad's autopsy. So they knew an autopsy was impossible but still went ahead to do it, & waited for months to tell the public? Make it make sense.”

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