Nollywood Glamour | 10 July 2009 00:39 CET

The executive cut


Most people think men don't have problems with their hair unlike women. But what they do not know is that men have the dilemma of how to style their hair. At times, men try all the hairstyle options available to them yet their somewhat crude hair may not cooperate with the style they have in mind, although most times men have preference for short hair. Stylists say men can still add some kind of sophistication to their hair, either long or short.

There are great urban hairstyles that will make you wear your hair with complete style and utter sophistication. The close shave enables you make your problematic hair disappear without going bald, says Seun Ogundipe of Downtown Salon. “It is the man's humming cut. So, the close shave is the perfect all-around haircut for a man with a hectic schedule and a varied lifestyle because it'll complement any look you try to pull off,” he notes.

Jamie Foxx sports this style. It is the perfect haircut for getups and laidback in formal or everyday street wear. Ogundipe adds that the close shave gives a suave, refined man look needed for the professional life.

The total shave gives the sophistication, loaded with confidence kind of look with a sleek sex appeal. Yet, some men fear the idea of going completely bald, as the idea of losing the hair before its natural time may be scary but some men opt for the total shave route, especially if they are bald. Some simply like the total shave for the sense of refined class and true style it gives them.

Some men like to keep their natural hairstyle, hence for the urban man of style, the well-coiffed Afro is definitely a contemporary twist on a vintage style. “Any man, from the student to the professional, can make this vintage style work, so long as his wardrobe is as trendy as his hair,” states Ogundipe. Well-coiffed Afro is stylish for that uptown man who's not afraid to take risks with his look or with his professional and personal life look.

The best hair style is the one that is suitable for the individual's face shape and hair care preferences. For example, a long, round Afro may not be the ideal choice for an individual with a round face, because it will only accentuate that shape. At the same time, someone with a very narrow face may seem disproportionate if he chooses a large afro. Furthermore, afros and cornrows require rigorous care to keep looking their best, while shaved styles, shaved heads, and buzz cuts need frequent trims to be stylish.

Styles can be adapted to different men's preferences, however. A smaller Afro could have tapered sides to better suit particular face shapes, and a buzz cut could have a longer top to help elongate a face and reduce the frequency of trims.

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