General News | 21 March 2024 18:39 CET

What Are You Hiding? : Solomon Buchi Speaks About Secrecy In Marriage

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi

Popular Nigerian social media personality, Solomon Buchi has been trending recently for his comments on indecency and giving his stance on it.

This time, the social media personality shared his quota on the issue of secrecy in marriage. He admonished those who could not release important information to their spouses and criticized such actions.

He took to the popular microblogging platform X formerly known as Twitter to state his stance on the issue of secrecy in relationships.

He said;
“Don’t date/marry someone whose phone you cannot access! What are you hiding?

My wife knows all my passwords, her face and fingerprints are all added to unlock my devices. My ATM pins and security answers, and I shared them before we got married. I believe it should be like that.

If you can’t let your spouse access your phone, then marry your secrets. Life is too short to be playing hanky panky when you can be confidently wayward.”

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