General News | 19 February 2024 10:43 CET

Undergraduate Strife With Economic Turmoil

By Oluwarantimi Oludase
Oluwarantimi Oludase

Oluwarantimi Oludase

It is no longer news that the economy of Nigeria has been plummeted into a state turmoil. As this economic turmoil lingers on and gets worse by day or I would rather say hourly. I'm going to shed light on the economic tussle that has greatly plagued the nation, but I would be dwelling on the undergraduates strife with the economic turmoil

The economic turmoil has taken a negative effect on many undergraduates in various universities in Nigeria, even those in private universities are not exempted. The act of waking up to the exorbitant and nefarious prices of cost of goods and transportation has grossly taken a toll on many students.

Nowadays, many undergraduates are faced with the problem of enquiring about the price of a particular item at a particular time of the day and by the time they are about to purchase the product on the same day, the price would have been increased by over five hundred naira which is a serious concern as in most cases, this turns out to be crucial things which are needed urgently.

Furthermore, the cost of foodstuffs has been a great concern for many students as the prices of rice and beans and even garri has increased tremendously which has led many parents to call on their children to give them warning on managing the foodstuffs with them. The issue of foodstuffs has been a major concern for students as eating thrice a day is no longer an option due to the exorbitant price of foodstuffs.

In all these, the harsh weather condition cannot be left out, as the sun has been so scorching and causes serious heat and thirst. However, the price of a bag of sachet water is now ranging from; ₦300, ₦400 and even ₦500. As alarming as the prices of sachet water is, the thirst that comes with the harsh weather condition barely lets a bag of sachet water last for 2 days.

The price of accomodation cannot be left out in the issue of “Undergraduates strife with economic turmoil." Some schools do not have hostels, some have just female hostels, some have both, but their students do not find it accommodating enough; hence the need to rent houses outside comes to play. Many of the houses outside these days are now going for exorbitant prices due to the economic turmoil. Even the popular “Face me I slap you" are now going for over a hundred thousand naira despite it being a single room with terrible toilets and bad kitchens. Getting a room self contain even for students this days runs for about two fifty thousand upward minus agent fees.

According to a friend of mine, who is a Direct entry student of the Lagos State University; “He got the popular Face me I slap you house for about two hundred and fifty thousand with agent fees, he complained that the house lacked good ventilation, terrible toilet and even bad kitchen. He lamented at the pressure of resuming as a direct entry student for being the reason for his urgent payment of the nothing to write about house. “

Finally, the cost of transportation as a student cannot be overemphasized. As much as the price of petrol has increased; the motorcyclists, commercial bus drivers and auto rickshaw; popularly known as ‘Maruwa’ have been quite inconsiderate with the prices of transportation. They do not consider students at all, they change prices of transportation, the price of transportation in the morning is different from the price in the afternoon, which is quite uncomfortable for students.

The undergraduate strife with economic turmoil is a lot to think about, I hope the government looks into these issues and try to reduce the economic problems to help Nigerians and the undergraduates.

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