General News | 27 May 2023 09:41 CET

A Nigerian Is On The Verge Of Breaking Guinness Records; He Peels over 50 Coconut With Ordinary Teeth 

By Agboola Ibrahim

An ambitious Nigerian man is already becoming the subject of discussion following his zeal in peeling more than 50 coconuts with his ordinary teeth.

This adventure is coming just a few days after a Nigerian cook-a-thon Hilda Baci smashed Lata Tondon Guinness Word records to become the latest holder of the records for the longest time cooking by an individual.

Significant, A video is already going viral online because it features a young passionate man who intends to have his name too in the Guinness World Records for peeling coconut with his ordinary teeth.

A video making the rounds online captures an ambitious man trying to set a record by using his strong teeth to peel the bark of coconuts.

Onlookers gathered to cheer and watch the shocking spectacle as the man continued to use his teeth to peel over 50 coconuts. This had nonetheless garnered sparse reactions.

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