General News | 4 February 2023 21:35 CET

Seyi Law Says A Swear On Himself And Promises To Support Tinubu In The Next Election

By Agboola Ibrahim

Famous Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law in a recent post on social media said a swear on himself about the pureness in his intrest to Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate. He also declared his full support for him on reason of Tinubu's achievement.

The comedian made this known via his verified Instagram page on Friday, February 3rd, 2023.

Significantly, Seyi Law, promised to support and vote for Tinubu by all means. He disclosed that his decision is wired by the APC candidate's overwhelming performance in Lagos State while he was a Governor.

He however maintained that every worthwhile and tangible development in Lagos today were facilitated by nobody but "Jagaban".

Furthermore, the popular comedian swore about his selfless interest towards his support for Tinubu. He pronounced the judgment of God upon him if his decision is influenced by any form bribery or selfish inducement.

He wholeheartedly maintained that he will never collect money to campaign for any politician.

His words read:
Seyi Law wrote, “We can pretend, refuse to accept it, and even deny it, but what Tinubu did to rebuild Lagos after the military era can never be overstated. You can use other metrics I don’t know to judge him, but to deny his works in Lagos as governor and the continuity is plain hatred.

If I was paid to campaign for ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU, let God judge me. I have always maintained my stance that I will never receive money to campaign for any politician and that I have always kept.

This coming election, BAT is my candidate.”

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