General News | 23 December 2022 13:42 CET

A supposedly Drunk Fan Pushes Bella Shmurda Off The Stage

By Agboola Ibrahim

A video that captures the moment Bella Shmurda was crazily pushed off the stage during his show performance has generated mixed controversies from fans and followers on social media.

Recently, Bella Shmurda performed one of his rated songs "Vision 2020" in a glorified concert. Things were going perfectly well until a stubbornly drunk fan broke into the stage and distracted the beautiful atmosphere.

In the video, a fan who was supposedly Drunk made his way into the podium, dodged the bouncers and halted the performance. Although, that was not all as he got into the podium; he tried taking pictures with the singer but the effort made by the bouncers to stop his advances aggravated issue.

As the bouncers tried to force him out, he collided with the singer and they both fell off the stage and the event became stand still.

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