General News | 17 October 2022 16:56 CET

Portable Resents And Call Promoter Foul Name

By Agboola Ibrahim

Singer Portable resented promoter as he responded bitterly to the show promoter who said that the reason he was denied VISA in the U.S was because he is fond of speaking Yoruba language.

In this bid, portable made reference to different countries he has visited in Europe and Africa within a space of six months as he wondered if it was possible to achieve that feat without being able to communicate in English. He accused the show promoters of being selfish and being unprepared to make financial commitments. He also called the show promoter"Ashawo".

Portable: "The different different places wey I don go, you think say na beans. You de wine ; na grace I see. You wey you hear English wey you don reach? You stupid? ... Ashawo de do promoter de spoil goo promoter. Make de arrest all of them."

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