Music News | 15 September 2021 16:59 CET

Goz Captures Nigeria’s Vat Crisis With Dangerously Thrilling Video For Debut Single, Money Anthem

By Nollywood Gists

Budding Nigerian Singer, Goz delivers a satisfying visual depiction of his debut single; Money Anthem, produced by hit producer Yung Willis.

Directed by KenzArt, Goz captures the essence of the song with this thrilling video which is that people would go to any lengths for money including looting.

The video is set in a warehouse where Goz is the leader of a criminal gang who just looted a large amount of money and are in the process of sharing it lavishly, while Goz shows that he can have his way with any of the women in his gang because he controls the funds and is willing to share it.

Money Anthem is an Afro-Drille song that satrically alludes to the Nigerian Society where the main objective of government officials is to share looted public funds with impunity. The song also captures perfectly the ongoing VAT crisis between the federal government and the states in Nigeria especially at the end where a politician is heard gleefully stating that “the country can go to sleep or on holiday, but next week, we’ll all go to Abuja again, and we collect money and we spend''. The chorus of the song “Share Money, Share Funds, make e just dey drop” is very apt in describing the Nigerian situation.

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