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The movie ‘Dither’ Will Change Nollywood for Good - Makanjuola

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Feyisayo Makanjuola is a gospel film producer and founder of Heagle Height Media. She recently premiered a gospel movie in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The movie which featured some actors from Nollywood attracted a massive crowd of quality film lovers who set out to be entertained and also, receive gospel messages at the same time. She talked about her passion behind movie-making at the premiere.

What is the movie “Dither" about?
Dither is a divinely inspired story like the five foolish virgins referred to in the Bible.

The storyline of the movie is centred around a young lady who refused to forgive those who hurt her. She refused to let go of the past and slowly it consumed and controlled her decisions. The truth meant nothing to her as she became paranoid and suspicious of every intention people had. This became her greatest challenge.

My fans should expect to be well ministered to, through a gospel movie of great motion picture quality, fantastic actors, beautiful storyline and amazing sounds.

Why gospel movies, why not mainstream Nollywood?

Anything described as gospel must have been divinely inspired, hence I am into gospel movies because I was divinely inspired to go into it.

Movie production for me is a tool for the propagation of the gospel. Nollywood is a great industry and motives of players in this industry is focused mainly to generate profit.

For me, my primary objective is to propagate the gospel globally. If I, therefore, need to entertain you to get this message across, so be it. Profitability is good and desirable but for those of us in the gospel movie industry, this is secondary. If money comes from this venture we're good with it and if it doesn’t, God will still have His way.

What is your take on the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood)?

The industry is doing well and growing really fast. As Nigerians, Nollywood has a great influence on our lives and ways directly and indirectly.

So like some people have done before me, if the Gospel of Christ is beautifully packaged and delivered through this medium, we will reach and influence many. This is what I stand for and this is what I am up to.

What are the factors hindering the production of gospel movies in Nigeria?

Hmmmm! Funding has been the major factor in this regard. Sponsorship is really hard to come by, probably due to the fact that profitability is a secondary objective in our sub-sector of the Nigerian movie industry.

Interestingly, great talents abound in the industry; fantastic writers, actors and actresses. The missing link in all of these are philanthropists, sponsors and organizations with a large heart to invest in our projects. Be that as it may, if a project is divinely inspired, God will create a way for its funding.

What specific challenges did you face in producing Dither?

Due to the ethics and peculiarities of our sub-sector, the major challenge I encountered was getting the right cast for the movie, but after consultations with my colleagues in the industry, we were able to overcome this challenge. Access to our desired locations was also a bit of a challenge, and of course finance, but God saw us through all these.

Do you have plans to venture into mainstream Nollywood in the future?

Why not? I will be ready and willing to work with any producer whose objectives perfectly aligns with mine. It's a period I am looking forward to when the objective of the gospel movie sub-sector will dominate the entire industry.

If you have your way, what will you like to change about Nollywood?

Laughs! Now this is a tricky one. But if I have my way, I will ensure that every movie coming out of Nollywood teaches good morals.

On what platforms can people watch “Dither"

Arrangements are in top gear to ensure that Dither is screened in major cinemas all over Nigeria. The movie will also be available on Netflix, YouTube and DSTV in due course. Our target is to put this movie on as many platforms as possible to reach a good number of people.

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