Nollywood Affairs | 16 May 2009 06:21 CET

Why NCC is losing war against piracy


Despite all efforts by the Nigeria Copyright Commission to stem the tide of copyright infringements in the country, the Nigerian entertainment industry and stakeholders appear to be at the mercy of pirates and their sponsors. Investigation revealed that the agents behind piracy have perfected strategies to evade the prying eyes of officials of the commission.

According to a source, pirates now divert their illegal products to the markets in neighbouring West African countries. ”They are being funded by some rich men in Nigeria. That is why they can afford the cost of transporting the pirated products to other countries”, the source said.

Apparently, the pirates are exploiting the opportunity provided by the increasing demand for Nigerian home video films and music in most of Africa. But the NCC is undaunted by this development and may seek the assistance of the relevant authorities in the neighbouring countries to stop these illicit transactions.

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