Sightings | 13 June 2018 04:14 CET


Celebrity dance artist, Kaffy has several exciting activities lined up for her upcoming birthday and has just announced she is adding another one to the list. As an honorarium for her fans, the dancer is launching the maiden edition of what will be a dance praise experience and giveaway – Kaffy’s Pearl.

Kaffy’s Pearl will have three stages - the dance praise experience, dance praise competition, and the dancers’ giveaways.

The dance praise experience is scheduled to start at midnight today Tuesday the 12th of June, 2018 and will be on Instagram live. You can join the experience via Kaffy’s official Instagram account - @kaffydance

The competition starts in the second stage. Fans willing to enter are advised to make dance praise videos and upload to their Instagram accounts.

Participants can upload dance praise videos for seven days, after which entries will close. Kaffy will reward Instagram users with the best dance praise video afterwards.

To wrap up Kaffy’s Pearl, Kaffy will gift several dancers who have proven their worth over time and stayed true to the art.

Prizes to be won include boom boxes, merchandise from Kaffy’s fashion outfit ‘Yanga’, as well as a photo shoot session for an outstanding dancer or dance crew.

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