Celebrity | 14 May 2018 17:04 CET

Actress Tonto Dikeh Pens Down Touching Message to Single Mothers

"You mostly likely did not choose this life. You probably did not expect to be a mother, promising yourself you wouldn't be like your own mother or another. Maybe you didn't expect to raise a child alone, Or figure out life alone.

"Yet you chose your children’s welfare, health, and education over anything else life could offer for you. You made them lunch for school everyday, or at least scrap every single bill and coin so he/she can eat. You work at that crappy customer service job just so you could buy the clothes on your children’s back. You made sure they had access to health insurance for every shot required by the school district and for anytime your children had the flu.

"Your job is the hardest in the entire world, especially since you're doing it alone. It’s hard enough that you’re a woman, but you're also a single mother. And some ignorant people are going to give you sh*t for it. For every screw up your children does, it’s “your fault” or “figures” since you're a single mother without a husband to provide.

"So many people have done extraordinary things as a single mother or being a child of one and my prayer today is that God shall see you all through and God shall use your Kids in blessing you abundantly.

"I, Tonto Dikeh as an ambassador of National Agency for the prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) will be using my good office to fight for women out there who are suffering domestic violence or any sort of abuse from their husband, Spouses etc"

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