Music News | 24 April 2018 11:45 CET

No Lady will Cheat on me Again…Nigerian Singer, Mr Shaa as he Welcomes Sex Doll

Since the widely acceptance of sex doll into the market, some dudes have chosen to spend their money on the doll rather than humans for personal reasons like singer, Mr Shaa.

Especially Africans, there are lots of things some people have decided to adopt from the western world with the belief that we are in the 21st century but not everyone is cool with this ideology all because we have different perception and how we see things.

Hmm, recently, the Nigerian singer and businessman got many talking when he received his happy sex dull delivered to him in Nigeria.

Not many will understand his reasons the singer is happy that at last, he will not be sharing ladies with other guys as his sex doll which he named Tontoh, will remain loyal than real ladies.

Celebrating the arrival of his sex doll, he wrote, “Welcome to Nigeria TONTOH ... at least am finally free from sharing peoples girlfriends no more late night tears or worries, TONTOH will not cheat on me .”

“Some one is my beloved country Nigeria bought a goat wore the goat gold chains worth millions peacefully secretly the goat is richer than most Nigerians , why you people hating on my doll my pet my @tontoh. I thought dolls are meant to be taking care of almost everybody was giving dolls when growing as a child so what is the problem if i decided to give TONTOH a rich treat dose that make me useless or an evil person come on brethren’s don’t jump into conclusions coz most Africans think there is VODOO in everything produce by a man. Have any of you seen spirits before? Because you read stories about gods and your imagination scares you .Listen my people this is 21 century civilization is real update your life stay happy do good to people don’t worry about everyone just do the little you can say your prayers to God he will give you signs don’t worry about negativities it come with believe ... click link on my bio melody by Mr Shaa tells story how I feel.”

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