AMEBO | 5 April 2018 14:28 CET

You’re a Wicked Woman, Karma will Visit you…Actress, Stella Damasus in Trouble

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, might be enjoying her love life with actress, Doris Simeon’s ex-hubby but some fans are still out to hunt her.

Since the love life of Stella and Daniel Ademinokan, spread like wide fire, Stella especially has not escaped the wrath of some Nollywood lovers who have been monitoring her activities.

Recently, Doris son, David, turned a year older and Stella celebrated him with prayers but some fans were not comfortable with the fact that she is happy living with another woman’s son after allegedly snatching her man away.

Read the few comments below;
i_amholuphunmie: How do you people even sleep at night? Knowing that you're causing another woman the greatest pain? You collected your colleague's husband and son, and you are there talking about being God-fearing. You're calling the wrath of God if you don't return the young man back to his mother. You are very very very wicked soul and karma will visit you soonest

obicleo: Stella kindly return another woman's child to her.

temiiladee: @stelladamasus shame on u... u snatched another woman's husband. In the same industry???? U re shameless

temiiladee: @i_amholuphunmie she is shameless..this is her third marriage

i_amholuphunmie: @temiiladee no wonder, her charms will soon be impotent and the man's eyes will clear just like others. My own main concern is that she should return another person's child, that's the most wicked thing to do to any one

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